tim_horner2014My mom and Premier’s Queen Mother shared many times that her life’s mission was to “Keep It Personal.” Her passion for sending handwritten notes is widely known. She never hesitated to pick up the phone to call and check on a new Jeweler to encourage her in her business.  Premier strives to continue this legacy of focusing on personal relationships. Email and the internet are great tools, but there is nothing like being with one another, face-to-face, in person. Time spent laughing and sharing together develops relationships and enriches lives and there’s no better place to do this than at one of our exciting Premier events.

Recently, many of Premier’s Leadership experienced one of those events as they traveled to Canada. Over 700 Jewelers and family members spent five days in Quebec or Vancouver doing exactly what has been modeled to them by Mom throughout the years—building relationships. Peggy and I were excited to be able to join them. We had a great time sightseeing, snapping pictures and even hugging and taking pictures with many of our Premier Family. We also were honored on different evenings to have several of our Leadership join us for dinner, including: Gina & Sandro Irizarry, Sherrell & Duane Smith, Jackie & Tommy Whitley, Betsy & Mick Jansey, Sherrie & Jeremy Hoy, Kim Day, Renee & Ryan Greenwood, Lana & Lacy Privette, and April & Michael Millender.

We have a great Premier Family that is being led by an awesome and growing Leadership. I am so excited to have had this opportunity to visit and get to know so many of you and look forward to more times when we can build lasting and meaningful relationships.

Soon, we all will be able to experience the personal touch of Premier at the most exciting event of the year—our 30th Anniversary National Rally. I love this opportunity to interact with so many of you. As I make my way through the convention center, seeing all the crazy hats and signs, meeting with downlines, visiting with those who have traveled hundreds of miles to be here with us, I continue to be amazed at the awesome Premier Family and their commitment to enriching lives. The Thursday night missionary testimonies and stories of how lives have been changed through Premier are encouraging and inspiring. I hope you are planning on being there. It will be an unforgettable week and you will leave feeling blessed and excited about your business and the opportunity you have to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our theme, “By Design” really tells the story. It is truly because of God’s blessings that Premier will be celebrating 30 years of enriching lives and we are very grateful. We have an exciting future ahead and we pray that He will continue blessing this great company.

See you at Rally,

Tim Horner

torgersen,keikoI was invited to my first Premier Designs party in 1996. I was a Lt. Colonel in the US Air Force and was very busy with my career as officer and perinatal nurse, family (wife, mother of 5 teenagers and 2 dogs), and volunteering. I fell in love with the jewelry and held multiple parties every year. When we moved to California, Kim Gibson, now my Premier mom, became my Jewelry Lady. We went to the same church and our husbands liked to hunt and golf together. In 2005, I was coming to the end of my career in the Air Force. I had been contacted for some very lucrative nursing positions around the country. My nursing career had taken me around the world lecturing. I was a prolific writer and editor of medical-related books and articles, and shared a thriving nursing business with a fellow nurse.

However, my husband and I felt God leading us to Alaska. We decided that once there I would continue my nursing business, work at a local hospital, and I would be a Premier Jewelry Lady. I called Kim to tell her I wanted to become a Jeweler—we had never discussed this at all. When I told her there was complete silence on the other end—I believe Kim was in shock! In four short months I had sponsored four new Jewelers.

I retired from the Air Force in August 2006 after 27½ years and we moved to Alaska. I was so excited; I was going to be awesome! Boy was I wrong. For the next three years I did a mere 14 Jewelry Shows. I wanted to quit. I couldn’t understand how I could be so successful in everything I had done up to this point in my life, but not Premier.

I never stopped going to Rally, because it always inspired me, and at Rally I discovered creative ways to do shows such as Sweats & Stones and Jeans & Jewelry. That helped me do more shows in the following months than in the previous three years combined. I came home from the 2010 Rally pumped to push my business to another level. Then a week after Rally, our youngest son, Kyle, was killed in a work accident—three weeks before his 28th birthday. My world fell apart, despite the fact that I knew I would see him again one day in heaven. I managed to plow through the next six months, barely remembering anything but heartache. I suffered another setback when my hip surgery of 2009 failed and my “new” hip broke.  For the next several years it seemed for every step I made forward, I fell two steps back. I quit my hospital job but kept my personal nursing business because I was making more money with nursing than Premier at that time.

I headed to yet another Rally with mixed feelings of failure and hope, and there in the parking garage across from the Convention Center, I broke down and cried to God to please help me. I knew He wanted me to do Premier but I was afraid to give up nursing, which had brought me money and success for over half of my life. I realized that I had been too caught up in the “money” part and not the “enriching lives” part. So, in August 2012, after 35 years, I walked away from nursing completely. If I was going to do what God wanted me to do, I needed to do it 100%. I started praying before each show, not for God to make it a profitable show, but to take me out of my comfort zone and to touch someone at the show, no matter how little. He did not disappoint!

Now my vision is to share Premier with everyone… I let God do the rest because He is better at it than me. He has allowed me to achieve things I never dreamed possible – like #1 in the nation for retail last March! I could not have done it without God or the love, support and encouragement from my husband, family, Premier family, my customers and Hostesses. My Premier mom, Kim Gibson, and Premier Glamma, Sherree Sevar, never gave up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself.

So don’t give up—no matter what! Let God work in you.

He did—and does—in me!


Keiko is a Designer who has loved Premier Designs jewelry since 1996 and has been a Jeweler since August 2005.

God has been faithful

8121632928_00fefa53aa_mGod has really given me a long life. Wow! As I look back, I cannot forget all that He has done for me. He has blessed me greatly. But I haven’t always followed His path or kept my eyes on His purposes. At 18 years old I joined the Canadian Navy during World War II and I forgot all about God. That is, I forgot all about Him until the bombs were going off and I’d make a deal—“save me and I’ll change; I’ll live for you.” But as soon as the fighting calmed, I forgot Him all over again. When I returned home, I was still far from Him. I courted and married Joan, and a few years later we were living in Dallas. That is when our lives changed, when she accepted Jesus as her Lord and I truly recommitted my life to setting my course for His heavenly port.

Yes, looking back I see just how God worked in our lives; it was all By Design and eventually led to the founding of Premier. There have been ups and downs but God has been faithful, and I can’t help but thank Him for all He has done for Premier. We have a powerful Philosophy and Purpose that have impacted and changed countless lives. We have an amazing Premier Family committed to serving and caring for others. We have a strong foundation on the Bible. We must never forget where we came from or what He has done as we continue to serve Him and others through this business. Our future is bright!

To God be the glory,


Co-Founder & CSO

“As you sail through the sea of life,
set your course for a heavenly port.”


~Unforgettable Woman~

Remembering Joan Horner

May is a very special month to me because of some very amazing women in my life. As Mother’s Day approaches, I think of my mom, of course! She was a wonderful mom and I miss her very much. But I also think of Joan, peggy2014Tim’s Mom. Sometimes Mother’s Day would even fall on Joan’s birthday, May 12. My sister Suzan’s birthday is also May 12.  So that day is especially meaningful to me.

Joan was my boss when I came to work at Premier. Little did I know what the future would hold and that she would become my mother-in-law, mentor and Bible study teacher. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of her. She had such a gift of writing and expressing herself. I loved listening to her at Rally. When she spoke, we were always left with special golden nuggets of her wisdom that we could hold on to and learn from.

One day Joan asked if I would like to meet once a week to study the Bible. I was excited but was very nervous and felt insecure, since I didn’t really know that much about the Bible. But when we met, she immediately made me feel at ease. We would laugh and share and often there were times when we even cried a little. Joan knew the Bible so well and I always looked forward to those times together. We didn’t get to have many of those times before the Lord took her home. I will always treasure the memories I have of her so sweetly and graciously mentoring me in God’s Word.

So, May, and especially Mother’s Day, is very special to me. I think of my own mom, Joan and my sweet sister. I also thank the Lord for allowing me to be a mom to two wonderful sons and four stepchildren. What a bonus this is for me! Plus, now I am a grandmother to three grandchildren! The Lord has SO blessed me and I am grateful.

May you be blessed with wonderful women in your life,

Peggy Horner


Peggy Horner serves as Vice President of Product Development for Premier Manufacturing and is the wife of Premier Designs President Tim Horner.



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