You Can’t Out Give God

Joan_&_Andy_-_kids When we signed up in Premier in August of 1986, we were looking for something for Pauline to do when we started a family, so she would be able to quit her job and still have some money coming in. We were so excited with the opportunity Premier provided for income and friendships. We never knew the incredible impact Premier, as well as Joan and Andy, would have in our lives!!!

There was just something amazing about spending time with the Horners that changed our perspective on many things. Their love and compassion for others and their concern to help people know Jesus has been an incredible testimony. It was special having them in our home. Andy has always loved getting to know the Premier Leadership personally. It was amazing how Joan remembered our kids’ names and asked about them by name each time we were together! It was amazing for our kids to know them as well since they grew up hearing stories about Joan and Andy.

Growing up around a lot of pastors, I saw them act differently in public than they did in private. But being around Joan and Andy for over 25 years, I saw what it meant to live a real and genuine life. It was humbling when they would call us personally and pray along with us about our personal, non-Premier lives – whether it was about a job, the kids, or moving back to Texas! I remember one time Andy cared enough to call and pray with me when when I was working long hours and traveling a lot – getting frustrated and burned out at work. That meant so much to me.

From the beginning, Andy has never talked about making money or achieving titles, only about enriching lives by loving others and helping them succeed – making money would happen as a by-product. He said remember that God created everyone with value and worth! He always talked about people needing a dose of hope!

Joan and Andy had a profound impact in our lives. These are just a few of the things they have taught us about over the years:

  1. Loving and Serving others - expecting nothing in return. For most people this is not easy to do, but they were such loving examples of how to repeatedly show love.
  2. Accepting others – as they are. They constantly set the example of letting others know what they believe, but they accepted them as they were because Christ accepted us.
  3. Keeping It Personal - We implemented Joan’s mission early on in our Premier career. It is a great feeling appreciating and caring for others by writing notes and being a part of their lives.
  4. Being a Servant Leader - They were always putting others first, even in difficult situations. I will never forget the time we went to Florida and Andy served as our bellman.
  5. You can’t out give God - The more you give away, the more God blesses you. We have been able to see them live this out in their lives in numerous instances. They were just the most giving people we have ever been around.

Joan and Andy were incredible business leaders – but more than anything, they had such practical advice for loving people where they were and encouraging people! When you think about it – their legacy can have a profound impact on your life!!!Toronto Loving people, encouraging them to be all God called them to be, doing life together – you will build a business.

It was so refreshing and impressive to witness their concern for others and then giving of their financial resources. They genuinely and faithfully have lived out their motto – you can’t out give God!!

Because of the example that Joan and Andy lived, they have had a tremendous impact in our lives towards local and national missionaries! Their example has given us a passion to use our time, talent and treasure for missions.

I can’t even imagine where our lives would be without the examples of Joan and Andy Horner, as well as being a part of Premier Designs!


 Kent and Pauline Meier joined the Premier Family in August of 1986 and are 7 Diamond Designers serving in Colleyville, TX. They received our 2003 Servant Leader Award, Pauline is our 1994 Princess and Kent our 2013 Mr. Premier. 

Premier is our family ministry.

by Lacy Basford, a 6 Diamond Designer from Florida

I had only ever dreamed of being a teacher and earned my Master’s degree in education. Then I had two little girls. It’s funny how having kids changes things. After kids, I knew I wanted to be home with them during the early years, but Jonathan and I were buying our first home and were $200 short on our budget. I started Premier to make up the difference in our budget so I could continue staying at home with our two young girls.

One of my very best friends, Charyl Hermann, had become a Premier Designs Jeweler almost exactly one year prior, and she spent that year telling me what Premier was paying for and what an incredible company Premier is. She really just wouldn’t hush and I am so glad she didn’t. That’s why, in September of 2009, I became a Premier Jeweler without ever having been to a show or seeing the jewelry in person!

I was so fearful that I wouldn’t be able to sell $400 worth of jewelry each month to make the $200 we needed to make our budget… who would buy that much jewelry? But sure enough, for the first year of our business, Premier was meeting our monthly $200 need and more. I learned to make bookings my priority.

Finding, practicing, and owning a solid booking activity, plus learning how to overcome objections, was the key to success for me. I learned not to worry about retail…retail always comes.

Exactly one year after I became a Jeweler, the company Jonathan worked for went bankrupt and closed down. It was an unexpected blow. However, it didn’t surprise God. The month prior to this unexpected news, I held 10 Jewelry Shows—more than double what I normally did. The money I made from those shows paid all of our bills that first month Jonathan received no paycheck.

For another 10 months, God miraculously provided our every need, mainly through Premier, while Jonathan searched for a job.

Through this time we began to see Premier Designs as something God had given us instead of something we had to do, and it was something He had called us to instead of something we had chosen.

Through Jonathan’s year of unemployment, our marriage took a hard hit. God grabbed a hold of us at a marriage retreat and clearly showed us that He was the one closing every door in Jonathan’s job search, and the one He was leaving open was Premier. We became obedient to what God wanted and recommitted to putting God in the center of our marriage. Later that year, we earned a week-long cruise from Premier for free. That cruise was a celebration for us. We had come through an extremely difficult time in our marriage. It marked the celebration of God’s DESIGN for our lives!

We have seen God use Premier Designs to provide financially, draw people to Jesus, provide friendships, strengthen marriages, and so much more. Premier is a business, but it is also a ministry. Being a small part of what God is doing in the lives of people is now why we do Premier. For us, it is our family ministry. We didn’t choose it, but we are so glad God chose it for us.

A Dream for Every SeasonFamily Photo Niquel Correia

Reaching your fullest potential & finding your Premier “why” is a life-long journey.


In August of 2008, I was raising funds to pay for my trip to Taiwan for the Artistic Roller Skating World Championships. My best friend Melissa Ahern offered to do a Fundraiser Jewelry Show for me. While I had been a guest at one of her shows, I always felt I was too busy with school to host a show, and besides, I didn’t wear jewelry! I still thank God I decided to host that Jewelry Show fundraiser. When I saw how women loved the jewelry and how easy it was to sell, I was hooked!

I joined RAN_0222.JPGPremier Designs in March of 2009 as an easy way to make money as a full-time college student. The flexibility also allowed me to continue training for my skating competitions. But what started as a fun little part-time job that fit perfectly with my schedule, now allows me to be a full-time work from home mommy! In fact, my “why” (or reason for Premier)IMG_0104.jpg[1]

Now my “why” is staying home with my 7 month-old son. I look forward to watching him grow into a wonderful young man. I also want to give this same opportunity to women who need extra income for themselves or their family.


Niquel Correia is a Two Diamond Designer from California.


Happy Thanksgiving


Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!

Psalm 107:1

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a time when Peggy and I, a long with millions of others in America, join with friends and family in a great meal. And, if you’re a football fan like I am, watch the Cowboys beat the Eagles!


On this special day of thanksgiving I am reminded of the many blessings I have in my life. I am thankful God has given me a very special wife who loves the Lord. He blessed me with healthy kids and 2 grandchildren and another one on the way! I am thankful for godly parents who moved to Texas in 1950 – 64years ago, to follow the Lord’s will for their lives and found a company they named Premier Designs. I am grateful for the many people God has sent to be part of the Premier Family to serve and enrich the lives of so many others. Little did anyone realize what God would do for and through Premier.

As you gather together, remember to focus on giving thanks for all God has done for you, your family, your business and this great country. All we have and will have comes from Him – not because of what we do, but because of His goodness and mercy.

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!

Psalm 107:1

Happy Thanksgiving to the Premier Family! I thank God for you and all you have done for Premier and for us. May the Lord continue to bless Premier as we enter into the 30th year of sharing and enriching lives.

Have a wonderful and blessed day,



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