“Keeping it Personal” Through Social Media

One doesn’t have to be around Premier Designs very long to hear the importance of “Keeping it Personal.”  Our Co-Founder, Joan Horner, set an example of this relationship from the very beginning.  We are striving to continue this foundational principle and have been seeking to be more personal than ever before.

As technology has presented many means of communication over the years, we are now inundated with tools.  These tools can be used to separate people from having meaningful relationships or they can be used to bring people closer together as part of a community.

After much thought and planning, we are ready to grow our community.  We want you to know more of what you are part of and have a way to share it with others.  We want to recognize and encourage you.  We want you to have a way to respond to us and support one another.  We want to keep information in front of you on a daily basis that you can access through a number of different sources.

Beginning soon, you can stay up to date and engage with our Blog!  We can “connect” on Facebook!  You can “follow” us on Twitter!  We can “share” with each other on YouTube and Flickr!  This is all in addition to the new public website which will be launched at the same time – a place to proudly refer others to learn about this great community.

None of this is intended to replace the personal touch but to enhance it.  If you want to call us, a live person is still going to answer.  Nothing beats a real conversation!  However, you can now stay in touch regardless where you are and what else is happening in your day.  We are proud to have you in our Premier family and are excited about the community we share together.  There are some great years ahead for Premier Designs.

43 thoughts on ““Keeping it Personal” Through Social Media

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The facebook group and the newly designed website are such an incredible gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful that every decision at Premier Designs is carefully considered and bathed in prayer. I trust that this really is WIRWBP!


  2. I love the new updated pages Premier. Yes, you’re still keeping it personal, adding a touch of excitement too! Thank you God for bringing Premier into my life!


  3. WOW~WOW~WOW~, Happy Anniversary Premier Designs! Once again you have hit it “Outta the Park” with this Incredible new Website & Social media Presence! I am so very pleased and proud to be a Premier designs Rep~Serving WITH CARE!!!!!


  4. AMAZING! That’s not even a word to express how much this is going to enhance our business! Thank you Premier and thank you marketing staff!


  5. THANK YOU TIM and Premier Designs for the FABULOUS updates! Thank You Kevin, Bob, Gina, Penny, Customer Service, Prospect Services, Darryl, Our Senior Leaders, and all my fellow jewelers! You have all shown all of us that keeping it personal -and being patient with the results – reaps the greatest rewards. I am honored and excited and proud to be part of our Premier Family.


  6. God Bless You All!!! This opportunity NEVER ceases to amaze me. You constantly strive to keep current while insuring that our personal touch is ever present. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this awsome business and chance to serve so many.


  7. Congratulations on all the new “tools”! They are wonderful and greatly appreciated. Just one more reason to get excited about Premier and all it has to offer.


  8. I really think this is such an amazing leap forward for Premier. I’m SO excited about all the new ways to “keep it personal.” God is truly blessing this company and I am PROUD to be a part of it!!


  9. Thank you dear Horners, and Premier Marketing staff! Entering the social media is so powerful. May God bless you from His abundance! the lives we touch will be multiplied.
    Thank you.


  10. I am so glad that Premier will have an organized presence on the Web for people to communicate. This move takes the company from “up close and personal,” to “up close and personally aware of current means of communication.” Thanks Premier for helping us grow while staying true to our core values!


  11. Does this mean jewelers are allowed to share hostess information and use the internet to book shows, etc from now on? I think the website is pretty awesome!


  12. What a blessing to see the amazing changes in Premier, and yet our Focus is still the same, “Enriching Lives”. Celebrated my 10 year Anniversary with Premier at my renewal show last night. This was an added gift to see this launched as well.


  13. Congratulations Premier Designs – BIG KUDOS to our FABULOUS Marketing Team!!! I have worked in corporate marketing management for over the last 20 years before becoming a Premier Designs Jeweler and I am telling you that you have made some beautiful changes here. You are moving with the times but staying true the core of who we are! Terrific!!!! Thank you for the excellent tools that will help me grow my Premier Designs business!!!!


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