Week One of the Big Giveaway

October 29th – November 4th

Total of Free Jewelry given away: $2,995,825.00

Top 100 Jewelers who gave away the most free Jewelry

Top 100:

Name State
Christy Allen KS
Amy Andelt NE
Yvonne Bantoft CA
Michelle Baudean MD
Amy Jo & Mike Bazzle MI
Natalie Benitez FL
Katrina Bennett Lynn FL
Kathy Boe IL
Janet Bryan MD
Leah Buskirk NE
Shannon Caldwell OK
Susan Cimoch FL
Jacqueline Cooper FL
Jennifer Cooper AL
Jennifer Copass TN
Becky Cope MI
Mary Corsi PA
Sylvia & Cliff Credle NC
Michelle Curran IL
Carolyn Davis KS
Kim & Chris Dice KY
Diane & Dave Dierking MI
Louise Dinsmore RI
Dana & Jim Docherty LA
Kelly & Randy Downing FL
Kathy Doyle PA
Martie & Marc Dubois MI
Tamera Edwards SC
Sally Elder NY
Bonnie Ferguson OH
Tarra& Eric Freberg KS
Niquel Garcia CA
Tina & Michael Gautreau LA
Carleen Gilmore MS
Diane Grochowski PA
Carrie Gross OR
Katie Groves NE
Kate Heckman PA
Julie Hervert NE
India Hopper FL
Ali Hotchkiss MI
Brittney &Jerad Johnson KS
Angela M Jones FL
Deven King OH
Kyra Kliner ND
Angie Kreske IL
Linda & David Kuhn IA
Stefanie Lambert LA
Brenda & Tom Lawson KY
Misty Lawson TN
Dianne & Darrell Leahy DE
Dawn Logatto NJ
Olga & Jorge Lopez TX
Tina Luong CA
Dottie Lysak MI
Robin & Stan Massaro OH
Roxanne McGhee MO
Lisa McNeely OH
Sheri McNeff TX
Haley Meyer TX
Mandi Moore OH
Megan Morris FL
Jennifer Nichiporuk NY
Anita & Vincent Nicolo NJ
Barb & Jay Olenski WI
Gretchen Packer MI
Amber Persia-Hodges CA
Antoinette & Greg Pires CA
Angie & George Puskar IL
Kelly Ramsay FL
Donna Reid OK
Janna Rhoads SC
Allison & Kent Rowsey MS
Marcy Schatz MN
Cathrine Schmidt SC
Lynda & Don Schneider KS
Nancy & Rick Schwartz PA
Melanie Scott KY
Amy Smith PA
Danielle Smith FL
Carla & Mike Snelling OH
Cheryl Stewart PA
Valerie Strehle IA
Barbara & Jimi Stuart TX
Penny Sudbeck IA
Corina Summers WA
Heather & Dan Torgerson MN
Jo Anne Trueblood IL
Macie Turnwald OH
Crystal & Keith Vaughn NC
Kate Vincent MI
Michelle & Michael Ward NC
Lisa Werner PA
Denise Whildin NJ
Clarice & Bob White-McLarty TX
Janice Whiteside SC
Sonya & Rodney Williams TN
Amy Jo Withers MI
Sarah Wonnenberg ND
Amy Zimney NV

Top 20 Start to Date:

Jeweler State Amount
Carla & Mike Snelling OH  $3,567.00
Carleen Gilmore MS  $3,433.00
Amy Andelt NE  $3,217.00
Diane & Dave Dierking MI  $3,080.00
Cheryl Stewart PA  $2,892.00
Susan Cimoch FL  $2,756.00
Sarah Wonnenberg ND  $2,699.00
Lisa Werner PA  $2,565.00
Kim & Chris Dice KY  $2,560.00
Mandi Moore OH  $2,526.00
Dianne & Darrell Leahy DE  $2,497.00
Tarra& Eric Freberg KS  $2,399.00
Cathrine Schmidt SC  $2,351.00
Allison & Kent Rowsey MS  $2,306.00
Christy Allen KS  $2,268.00
Brenda & Tom Lawson KY  $2,236.00
Amy Zimney NV  $2,220.00
Kelly & Randy Downing FL  $2,199.00
Tamera Edwards SC  $2,186.00
Leah Buskirk NE  $2,166.00

Learn More About  The Big $20 Million Jewelry Giveaway

5 thoughts on “Week One of the Big Giveaway

  1. Congrats to my jeweler and builder Tina Gautreau for making the top 100 during the first week of the contest! Love ya


  2. Not sure how to get my numbers in, but, this past week, I’ve given away 1675.00 in free jewelry! I’m getting used to our social media sites, and I’m loving them!


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