Week Two of the Big Giveaway

November 5th- November 11th

Total of Free Jewelry given away: $6,846,228.00

Top 100 Jewelers Who Gave Away the Most Free Jewelry

Name State
Kristi Andrews IL
Allison & Jack Austin PA
Dolores Austin NM
Stephanie Barron FL
Deanna & Doug Bartlett ID
Barb Blazeski OH
Jenn Bomberger WA
Julia & Larry Bondar MD
Becca Brummel MI
Trisha & Shawn Caldwell PA
Christa Castoldi NJ
Susan Cimoch FL
Shauna & Peter Clark MN
Lisa & Dave Colver PA
Corrine & Jim Coventry IL
Becky & Gary Crawford TX
Meghan Darnell IL
Joni Davis PA
Diane & Dave Dierking MI
Louise Dinsmore RI
Jacii Dougherty WA
Diane & Dan Duren NE
Elena Fischer CA
Kelly Flaten MN
Gina Foster MI
Kathy & Tom Frye AL
Rita & Michael Garcia NM
Julia Gates NJ
Kimberly Geist CA
Vicky Graham PA
Gina & Tim Gravatt CA
Shiela Grimmett IL
Cammie& Gene Hackney NC
Jan & Kent Hart TX
Tannie Harvey AR
Donna Hatton AL
Jennifer & Chris Heiby KY
Kathy Henslee TN
Destinee Herrington NM
Brianna Hiegel OH
Nicole Hoffmann CO
Julie Hubbard TN
Terrie Hubin MN
Nancy & Kevin Jarrell Hanrahan NJ
Shannon Jenks IN
Deanna Jones LA
Linda Jones MN
Shari Joos IA
Rebecca Kerr OH
Ladonna & Ben Knoll KS
Joyce Korobey IL
Carissa Lawler MN
Brenda & Tom Lawson KY
Linda & Jimmy Long IN
Kathy Lyall VA
Kristen M Fitzgerald OR
Brenna Macfann PA
Yvonne Makdesi PA
Tammy Maples AL
Joyce & Rick Maxwell TX
Genoveva Michel CA
Barbara Miller PA
Holly & Jamie Miller LA
Michelle & Pat Moore CO
Stacey & Terry Nickels SD
Lindsay & Keith O’Brien PA
Laurie Badanes Prather VA
Francesca Puccio CA
Kate & Aaron Pyne SC
Greta & Greg Quesenberry WV
Oksana Reedy PA
Stacey Reichert CO
Debra Riley TX
Kay &Jd Roane TX
Natalie & Michael Robinson TX
Elizabeth Ruiz CO
Kozette Rushton CA
Lynda & Don Schneider KS
Saralyn Smith GA
Lesli& Steve Spitzner IL
Christy & Mitch Stacy TX
Janessa Stancato VA
Sherri Stang NE
Jana Stepp TX
Samantha Stratton KY
Janith Suddath FL
Claire Swisher AK
Jenny Tenerovich TN
Annette Thomas TX
Robyn Toatley MO
Diane Trimble WV
Linda Vanreenen WV
Katie & Curt Vasas PA
Megan Welborn AL
Ellena M Wenger CO
Lisa Werner PA
Lisa Westphal CA
Mona & Larry Williamson MS
Tobi & Mark Wilson AL
Tricia Winter PA

Top 20 Jewelers Start to Date

Jeweler State Amount
Shauna & Peter Clark MN  $9,542.00
Ladonna & Ben Knoll KS  $7,257.00
Tricia Winter PA  $6,302.00
Lynda & Don Schneider KS  $6,140.00
Brenda & Tom Lawson KY  $6,088.00
Lisa Werner PA  $5,712.00
Diane & Dave Dierking MI  $5,683.00
Greta & Greg Quesenberry WV  $5,551.00
Susan Cimoch FL  $5,231.00
Janith Suddath FL  $4,989.00
Corrine & Jim Coventry IL  $4,956.00
Stacey & Terry Nickels SD  $4,952.00
Brenna Macfann PA  $4,907.00
Jenn Bomberger WA  $4,835.00
Amy Andelt NE  $4,788.00
Louise Dinsmore RI  $4,738.00
Cheryl Stewart PA  $4,554.00
Kimberly Geist CA  $4,347.00
Ellena M Wenger CO  $4,341.00
Deanna Jones LA  $4,302.00

Learn More About  The Big $20 Million Jewelry Giveaway

2 thoughts on “Week Two of the Big Giveaway

  1. Thank you Premier
    I am very grateful for the Gift with Purchase Promotion and the ability to give SO MUCH free jewelry to hostesses with our generous hostess plan..Thank you also to the Home office customer service,pickers, packers, shippers, sorters, inventory and all who get our orders out the door FAST…hostesses are thankful and customers are in AWE..thank you!!!!


  2. During this week of Thanksgiving I just cannot even express how thankful I am for everything Premier has provided for my family and I. And then to top it off I have the opportunity to go out and bless countless women, time and time again, with all that we are able to provide to them and their friends, through none other than a little jewelry show! God works in ways we would not imagine in this world, and Premier is one of His little secrets, that is for sure! Thank you Andy and Joan for following His call on your lives, and making such an impact in this world with what you have created! Thank you to all of you in the home office for everything you do to make our jobs so easy, praise God for each of you that serve us day after day! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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