Congrats on 26 Years!

There are five Jewelers who are still working their Premier Designs business since the very first year and will celebrate their 26th along with Premier Designs in the next year.

  • Marylin High – Florida
  • Elizabeth Draper – Texas
  • Phyllis Moore – Texas
  • Pauline Meier – Texas
  • Janelle Johnson – Kansas

In October, we added a couple of thousand new Jewelers who are just getting started.  There are just under 40,000 Jewelers serving others across America – So many more than Andy and Joan Horner ever imagined.  The opportunity is the same for our newest Jewelers as it was for our first Jewelers.  The marketing plan has stayed the same all of these years and so many have had their lives enriched because they were able to meet needs.

We celebrated our anniversary day by giving Hostesses 50% Hostess benefits on top of the Gift With Purchase promotion being offered to guests.  How many of you held a Home Show on Saturday, November 5th and took part in the foundation of our Marketing Plan?  We hope you held a personal home show so all that free jewelry was yours to keep as a thank you for your part in the Premier Designs family.  Together, our Jewelers held 10,000 Home Shows on that Saturday.  We only had about 5,000 total Home Shows in the first year of Premier!

Thank you Andy and Joan for following God’s encouragement in your lives which has allowed every one of us to be a part of this amazing service company.  We love Premier!  Happy Anniversary!

6 thoughts on “Congrats on 26 Years!

  1. I’m so thankful, especially this Thanksgiving season, for the best company I’ve ever seen or heard of…Premier Designs :).


  2. Growing up in a family whose core values reflected selfishness and exploitation left deep scars. Being ashamed of one’s history coupled with a lack of life skils impact the decisions you make going forward. Having Premier in my life is like having a family I can be proud of. Thank you Premier for your strength and commitment to core values that we can be proud of. Ligonier has caught the vision. I hope it spreads like a virus!


  3. Feel absolutely blessed and humbled to be apart of something SOOOOO much bigger than myself! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PREMIER DESIGNS! ❤


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