11/26 to 12/2 Weekly Total = $935,460

Week of 11/26/2011 to 12/2/2011

Weekly Total = $935,460!

Be a Part of THE BIG Jewelry Give-away!

Every one of our Jewelers is in the business of giving FREE jewelry!  That’s right. It is amazing that you can actually earn money through Premier Designs when it’s all about giving.  We have the best Hostess benefits – 30% of the Home Show retail in FREE jewelry plus up to an additional $100 in FREE through our bonus program.

Let’s be a part of something truly amazing and give away more FREE jewelry this Christmas season than has ever been given away before.  Let’s work together to give away $20,000,000 in FREE jewelry from October 29th through December 16th.  That’s seven weeks to give away TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS in FREE jewelry.

Every week you can track the progress of this wonderful give away through our social connections.  We will let you know each Tuesday the total amount of FREE jewelry all of you gave away in the previous week.  On Wednesdays we will recognize the 100 Jewelers who gave away the most FREE jewelry the week before.  Then on Thursdays, check back with us because we will celebrate with the top 20 Jewelers who have given away the most FREE jewelry since October 29th and wait anxiously to see who gives away the most!

In fact, the 3 Jewelers who give away the most FREE jewelry after those seven weeks will receive the new Spring and Summer Collection for FREE at our January Regional Rallies.  Those who represent the rest of our top 10 GIVERS will each receive a half line of the new Spring and Summer Collection.  This is going to be an amazing Christmas season! Are you excited about being a part of the biggest give away of jewelry in Premier history?

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