Regional Rally Time

Our first wave of Regional Rallies was a great success!  Thousands of Jewelers met together in Atlanta, Dallas and Ontario, California this past weekend.  They are excited about the new Jewelry, motivated by the great training and encouraged by all the recognition.  Andy was at every site and is looking forward to next week to visit with the rest of our Jewelers.

This weekend even more will gather in Philadelphia, Columbus, Kansas City and Lakeland, Florida.  After all those attending a regional Rally have had their opportunity to see the jewelry and share in the experience Rally has to offer, we’ll begin to share with our entire Premier family what is in store for the spring and summer season.  It is exciting!

4 thoughts on “Regional Rally Time

  1. I had a WONDERFUL time!! And I felt like I had attended a Christian Retreat! Met lots of new people, danced in the aisles a little and ate some great food. Thank you Premier for being such a God-centered company! I’m so proud to be a part of it all!!!


  2. Rally was SOOO much fun thanks to my Sassy Sisters! Love you all…and LOVE the new Spring Line. Just what we were asking for! ILMJ ❤


  3. Oh the suspense is killing me! I am so excited to attend the training and of course — see the new jewelry! One more day!


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