Hope and Dreams

    Andy Horner               Co-Founder & CSO



Proverbs 13:12 “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true, there is life and joy.

For the last few months, I have been traveling around to several cities sharing with our Premier Family about sharing hope and having dreams. What an experience and encouraging time for me. It’s amazing to think that this November begins our 28th year. Wow!  Joan and I never ever had any clue as to what God would do. Every once in a while, I have thought about the part in By Chance or By Design where I was lying in bed and talking with God. Joan and I had desired to buy a business and just stay in the background.  We wanted to serve God and help others, but at 60, we didn’t want to get back into the business world.  And if you have read my book, you know how that talk with God went!  I was telling Him how disappointed we were, how I just didn’t want to get back into direct sales and how “I just can’t do it anymore.”  Well, right then and there – He said, “Andy, I’ve been waiting 40 years for you to tell me that.  Now let me do it!”  And believe me, He has!  In everything we do, we give Him the glory.  You may ask or wonder why Premier has been successful, and it’s all because this is God’s company.  It has been from the start and it will continue to be in our next 27 years.

The fall is here and the holiday season is beginning.  It can be your best time of the year for your Premier business.  I know you are familiar with our four reasons for existence, but as I travel around America, I’ve been sharing about two more reasons – reasons we weren’t even aware of when Joan and I founded Premier.  The first is to change lives.  Almost every day I receive a letter from someone who tells me how Premier has changed their life. At every event when I ask people to raise their hands if their life has been changed by this business, I stand there amazed as almost every hand goes up. The other is to give hope. Another common theme I read through those letters, and one that is probably our best Premier theme ever, is HOPE.  Premier gives hope!  In Gems From Joan, Joan says, “All of us need hope – hope for health, hope for income to raise a family, hope for friends.  We hope for so many things, some of which can be found in and through Premier Designs.”  Yes, Premier can meet your financial needs, but during this busy season, remember that we are more than just making money – Premier is about PEOPLE, changing lives and giving hope!

Oh, how I wish I could go into every city and tell you in person how special you are and make sure you understand that Premier is more than just a company.  Can you imagine that in 27 years, our Foundation, which is built on the Bible, has never changed!  Our Hostess Plan and Marketing Plan are the same!  People are still our most important asset!  You can trust Premier.  You can trust that whatever happens, we will do What is Right and What is Best for Premier!  None of us know what the future holds, but God does!  We can trust Him to direct our paths when we acknowledge Him!

The upcoming election is probably one of the most important elections our country has ever had.  Please make sure you register and take advantage of your right to vote!  This is a privilege that most people around the world do not have.

I was reading in Joan’s devotional this morning about loving people.  She said, “No, it’s not always easy but what a difference it can make … if we would just read and follow the wisdom of God’s Word!”  You are so special.  We really do care about you!  And I pray that God will give you His wisdom and direction.

Keep looking up,

One thought on “Hope and Dreams

  1. Thank you for the inspirational talk here. This is exactly what I needed. God is good and has been teaching me quite a bit lately. He has shown me what He can do. I have been asking to change careers and I believe He is showing me. Thank you again.


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