Disney Memory ~ Allison Mitchell

As we prepare for the 2013 Dream Disney Trip in June, let’s reflect back on our previous Designer Disney Trip in 2006 with Six Diamond Designers Allison and Tom Mitchell.

We love and enjoy our Premier Designs Leadership trips! Over these past 19 years in Premier, we have learned that the details or location of the trip never matter – it is guaranteed to be first class!  For us, these trips are all about being with other Jewelers!  There is always so much excitement and energy buzzing around!

When we took our three kids, Stephen, Madison and Hunter, then 12, 10 and 6, on the first Premier Family Disney Trip in 2006.  That trip was all about making each day “magical” for them.  I can remember during the qualification months hearing them say, “You have a show tonight right, Mom?” or “How many more shows do we need to earn the trip?”  While we were working towards qualifying and earning the trip to Disney, they never had a problem with me being away from the house.  It was a family goal.  And after months of hard work, we celebrated as a family at Disney!  The only bad thing about the trip was that our youngest, Hunter, wasn’t tall enough for some of the “cool” rides!allison mitchell family

Now, with two kids in college and the third in high school, Tom and I considered celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on this Disney trip, just the two of us hanging out at the resort and soaking in the sun.  Little did we expect all the kids to start asking, “You ARE going to win this trip for us, RIGHT, Mom?”  Yes, it will be a very different focus from the trip before, but so much fun.  The kids will hopefully get lots of rest between mission trips and summer classes, and we can’t wait to have lots of new GREAT family memories.

Being a part of the Premier Family has allowed Tom and me the opportunity to work from home, helped us teach our kids a great work ethic, and given us the flexibility to earn these family trips and create incredible memories!  Premier is a family company.  I KNEW Premier was for us when our Founder Andy Horner called me personally just a few months after Hunter was born and said, “Allison, slow down. Enjoy your baby and young children. Your family needs to be your highest priority.  We need you for the duration, please don’t burn out.”   WOW!  Premier has always believed in God, family, then work.  We know that when we work, it glorifies God and blesses our family with the means to experience trips like Disney!


We are excited about the Dream Disney Trip and look forward to seeing our Designer Leadership who have earned this vacation in Florida on June 12th.  We have over 3,800 Designers and family members attending.  This is the largest Designer Trip attendance we have ever had!

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