We Are Premier – Joan Sproul

Picture2The other day I got to thinking about what my life would be like without Premier Designs.  Talk about relaxing!!!  No phone calls to make, no broken jewelry to pick up across town, and no Home Shows to fill up my evenings.  It sounded so dreamy and tempting to just come home after a totally fun day of work in a cozy office or as an upscale restaurant server and put my feet up and read a good book by the fire.

Just like the good ole days….

As a young music teacher in inner city New York, I remember life and work being so simple, a piece of cake – children were eager to learn, parents were stellar role models for their perfect children, and the entire faculty were simply beaming with joy as they enriched young lives.  Of course, that was almost 40 years ago, so my recollections may be a bit fuzzy.

And then, three years later when I started my own private music studio, Picture3I know my students were extremely motivated, always well-prepared, and very focused.  Their enthusiasm for seriously crafting their musical talent was incredibly obvious, especially since they never EVER missed a lesson.  I knew I could always count on their timely payment … such a reliable income.  At least that’s how I remember it … kinda!

What was even more wonderful than how great my job and students were, was the fact that most of them attended after-school lessons and arrived just as my daughters, Heidi and Gretchen, came home from school.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!  It was so simple for me to both teach piano and hear my girls’ school-day stories, and it was never too noisy to help them with their math homework while students were banging, well beautifully fingering the keyboards.

But of course, all good things must come to an end … and that’s exactly what happened when I decided to begin homeschooling my girls!  They were thrilled!  Why hadn’t I thought of this before!  We would sleep-in every day, “do” school in our pajamas, pass out all the chores from cooking to laundry to the girls (Home Economics of course!) and I’ll spend every lazy afternoon flipping through cookbooks for a decadent dessert to bake.  Oh wow, such a life of leisure!  Yeah right!  There was constant pressure of keeping on schedule and well-prepared on the lessons and making sure the girls Picture5completed all their assignments (and of course cleaning up every day or even fumigating the house after science) all before my piano students arrived in the afternoons.  Add to that the subtle but very real pressure looming of how we were going to make ends meet now that I had drastically reduced the number of students – we still had bills to pay for mortgage, ballet, violin lessons, braces, eyeglasses, on and on.

Then came the big C word: college.  No number of piano students would ever be able to pay the tuition, room and board and what about books!

It was at that exact moment in life that God graciously placed Premier Designs in my lap!  I went from having to work … to getting to!!  I get to make phone calls and get to service ladies’ jewelry needs and get to enrich lives!  I learned a whole new mindset and work ethic:  I could serve others, make truly amazing friends, AND have fun at the same time as “working!”  How cool is that!  I get to build relationships and fellowship with women … not when they’re stressed to the max with work and responsibilities, but when they’re relaxed and having fun playing with jewelry with their friends!  And bonus – now I get to try everyone else’s decadent desserts.  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!!!!

Absolute best part – I GET TO OWN MY OWN BUSINESS!!!  I love LOVE that!!!  I am fortunate to set my own hours, be my own boss, work in my pj’s, read a good book by the fire, AND even teach a few piano students for fun!!!!  Best of all worlds!  There is no more stressing over money!  I get to give myself raises whenever I want, and when I need to make some extra money, I have another “girls’ night!”  But when I need more rest, I can have a night to myself at home!  It truly doesn’t get any better than this!

Those not so “Good Ole Days” weren’t ANYTHING like what Premier “Designed!!!”


Joan and Bob Sproul received the Servant Leader Award in 2012 for their unwavering commitment to helping others excel in their own Premier businesses and excelling in servant leadership by always putting others first and leading with integrity, kindness and care.

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