The Value of Your Own Personal Webpage

 by Cori Garavuso

I have been a full-time, work-from-home Mom and Jeweler for over 20 years, averaging 6-8 Jewelry Shows Imageper month.

From the very beginning, my business was just that … A BUSINESS.  Whether I worked full-time or part-time, I understood that the catalog and postage were tax deductible expenses I would just have to accept as part of having my own business.

As a general practice, I have always been very generous in offering to mail catalogs for every Hostess.  I specifically ask each Hostess for three to five names of her out-of-town family and whom she would like me to share the catalog with and thus help collect advanced orders for her Show.  With each catalog I mail, I include a personal note along and an advanced sales sheet.  This has been an effective tool in my business and has consistently helped obtain advanced sales, as well as, new customers and even Hostesses.

Offering the service of mailing catalogs does increase my sales, but it costs me an average cost of $30-$75 a month in postage alone.  The new Jeweler webpage with an online catalog link at the minimal cost of $9.95 a month is a no-brainer to me!  I am SUPER excited!!!

I realize that the webpage and online catalog will not fully eliminate my postage and catalog expenses.  We should still continue to offer the personal service to those who would like to receive an actual catalog in the mail, but having it online will certainly help tremendously with cutting those expenses and increasing exposure, sales, and opportunity for all of our Jewelers!

I know that all of you savvy business women in Premier will see that the minimal personal site fee is worth it’s weight in GOLD to us!!

Thank You PREMIER!!

Cori Garavuso

19 thoughts on “The Value of Your Own Personal Webpage

  1. I agree with you, Cori. Thank you Premier for caring about us so much to make us equal partners with you (50% commission) and finding new and creative ways to make our businesses better. BTW the planner and the invitations are AMAZING!!!!! Thank you again. You are appreciated.


  2. Love this Cori! I totally agree and have already found the online catalog to enhance my business. Actually I have had customers see my webpage and want to see the catalog in person! Thank you Premier for giving us yet another tool to help us with our business!


  3. Could not have been said ANY better! Premier has really thought this whole process through and done extensive research to ensure that any and all online capabilities will only ENHANCE our businesses and give us the ability to reach even more people and touch even more lives! Thank you Premier for hearing our needs, and helping us move forward in such an amazingly positive way!


  4. I’m so excited about this tool to help me advance my career with Premier Designs! One of the first questions I’m asked by family and friends out of town is “Can I see it on a website.” I LOVE the support that Premier continually gives us. I also have been soooo blessed by the questions, comments and suggestions by other jewelers who are also transitioning their business with this new tool! I am Blessed!


    • On a Premier Designs Jeweler’s personal web page. If you are a jeweler, you should have received an email last week telling about this exciting new business tool.


  5. I am encouraging all my friends to look at mine!! With Christmas coming up I am also telling them about the great gift ideas for under $25!! Then I suggest that they can get them FREE by having a fashion show!! I call it that because I also do a segment on analyzing their body type and teach them how to dress it properly to save money!! I am anticipating many responses from my friends and several out of the area!! What a wonderful way to keep in touch with those we don’t see often!!!


  6. I have been absolutely amazed at the impact this web page has been for me!! I am literally having trouble keeping up with all the people wanting to see it & who are actually ordering as well! It’s been insanely busy for me this first week we’ve had it but I am thanking God & Premier for it all for always being there to support us. I’m telling ya…..$9.95 a month is a steal! Like you said….no brainer!!


  7. I want to order a necklace I saw at a dealer’s display table when I was in AZ last week. Unfortunately, I lost her card and contact info. Can you help me find and order the necklace from a website or catalog? I really want to get the necklace for my daughter. I just can’t stop thinking about it. Please help. Julie


    • Thank you, Julie, for contacting us. We are happy to serve you and glad you found something you loved for your daughter. When you get a chance, will you call Customer Services at (800) 899-0092 and they’ll be happy to serve you.


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