Premier Designs heads to Washington D.C.


I wanted to let everyone know how proud I am of the 19 Senior Leaders who recently sacrificed their time to participate in the very first Direct Selling Summit on Capitol Hill.  These leaders along with direct sellers from 25 other companies met on Wednesday, October 23rd in Washington D.C. to share their davidstory with their members of Congress.  The Direct Selling Association sponsored this event in order to provide a personal touch in introducing direct sales to our Senators and Representatives.

Putting a face and a story to families enriched by Direct Sales

As always, our Jewelers have fun no matter what they do, but the intent of the day was for each of our leaders to put a facrosiee and a story to a family that has been enriched by direct sales.  There is legislation from time to time that threatens the freedom you have to work as an Independent Distributor and the Direct Selling Association wanted to be sure when those times come, those voting know the impact their decision has on people from their district.

We are grateful for the DSA’s ongoing advocacy formeier Direct Sales

I appreciate the Direct Selling Association for not only sponsoring this event but for their ongoing efforts to “protect, police, and promote” direct sales in America.  For more information about the DSA, visit or for more information about direct selling you can go to, a site developed by the DSA. You have made a difference!

A sincere thank you


Thanks again to our Premier Senior Leaders who attended: Kathy and Tom Allen, Misti Bartlett and her son Micah, Mike Bazzle, Pam and Bruce Cameron, Shauna Clark, Steve Farris, Rosie and Gregg Focht, David Grayson, Vickie Hopkins, Dona Marrone, Pauline and Kent Meier, Laurie Re, Lisa and Michael Tallarico, and Magan Wilson.

Serving Together,
Tim Horner

4 thoughts on “Premier Designs heads to Washington D.C.

  1. Thank you Tim and Premier leadership that went and gave your time, we appreciate it!!! Awesome idea and I’m glad Premier went and represented for us!! 🙂


  2. Thank you Premier for telling some of our stories to our representatives. John and I are so proud to be apart of this great company and know how much you love us as jewelers and love our country. We are blessed.


  3. So proud to have been represented by such an outstanding group. I know you represented us well…and I personally appreciate you doing so. Don’t even want to imagine where I would be without Premier!


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