My Personal Webpage – Marilynn Patterson

Just a few months ago, we launched our personal webpages, and Jewelers using this feature are already expressing their great results.  In fact, 98% of our 1000 Top Retailers and Sponsors have chosen to set up their own personal webpage!  Let’s hear from one of our Leaders about how she’s using her Personal Webpage in her Premier business.


Marilynn started with Premier five years ago and set up her webpage on the very first day. In fact, for Marilynn, it was a latemarilynn (4) night because she was away from home all day, but could hardly wait to get started. Though exhausted, she still got it done in 20 minutes, and waiting for her picture to upload was the longest part. Here’s what Marilynn had to say:

Having the catalog online was a priority because I mail out a lot of catalogs.  I’m happy to mail catalogs to any of my Hostess’s friends or family that are out of town, or even across town (Houston is big, after all).  This results in orders; however, the postage adds up, and sometimes the catalogs never reach their destination. Having the catalog available online saves me postage money, post office time and frustration.  Plus, the online catalogs are beautiful and the images are great. My personal team of advisers dubbed it, EXCELLENT!

My favorite feature is the invitation—I love them!  I still offer each of my Hostesses the opportunity to use printed invitations. In the past, when that was my only option, my ink cartridge budget was pretty high. The online invitations are great for the Hostess and the “note to guests” section allows me to keep the invite personal.  I also love the reminders feature which helps assure that all guests receive a Jewelry Show reminder – just one less thing my Hostess has to worry about. And as an added perk:  I use invitations for TRAINING events with my Downline.  It’s easy to track participation and sets a great example for those not yet utilizing the personal webpage.

The personal webpage has really helped me grow my business not just monitarily, but also by freeing up my time to focus on phone calls to Hostesses and prospects.

I’m committed to Keeping It Personal, and feel the webpage is an asset to my personal relations. My success has come from building a bond with each Guest/Hostess from the moment we meet. I share the webpage like it’s a secret. I don’t tell just anyone, but because she is special, I am happy to share it with her.

The Customer is always impressed with the product; top quality tools for top quality Hostesses.  Everyone appreciates things being simple and efficient; this tool, while still in its infancy, is mighty impressive.

I am so proud to let people see it.”

.marilynn blog pic

We would love to hear how you are using your Personal Webpage to grow your business while Keeping It Personal!  Share your ideas below.

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