Start the New Year with a Bang

The New Year calls for new beginnings, new goals and, of course, amazing jewelry promotions.  Despite the hectic schedule of tErin Ducray Blog_Pic of Jeweler Erin Ducrayhe holiday season, Erin Ducray, a Builder from New Lenox, IL, used last year’s January promotion to start her business off with a bang and gave back to others in the process. 

Here’s her amazing story:

As we prepare for the holidays, it is so important to also prepare for January. My goal was to start the year off by giving back by doing a “Party with a Purpose.”

I reached out to a past Hostess, AnnMarie. She and her husband are a wonderful couple with four young children.  They both work in education and are very involved in their community.  AnnMarie serves on the board of “The John McNicholas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.”

John McNicholas was a 15 year old when he was diagnosed with brain cancer.  He died 10 months later.  His family and friends are very involved in supporting cancer research and work hard to spread awareness.  AnnMarie and I asked the McNicholas family to be a part of our Jewelry Show and to help us make it a huge success.

After picking out a date in January, she and the McNicholas family invited everyone they knew. We emailed a “save the date” in December and then mailed personal invitations right after Christmas.  AnnMarie also did an email and Facebook reminder to our guests a few days prior to the party.  We discussed the importance of reminding people about our “Party with a Purpose,” as well as, getting pre-orders.  This helped us prepare in case the Chicago winter weather affected our show.

We had a great turn out and the Jewelry Show was a success.  Of course, everyone LOVED the Premier jewelry collection.  With the awesome January promotion, AnnMarie earned $1,527.00 in free jewelry and I was able to donate $800 to The John McNicholas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

It really is better to give than to receive.

How are you planning to use the January Promotion to start your New Year off strong?

One thought on “Start the New Year with a Bang

  1. I love this idea! I’m willing to do one fundraiser per month, but I don’t have one for January yet. Hmm…who will I call first? 😉


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