My Personal Webpage – Carrie Schmidt

Just a few months ago, we launched our personal webpages, and Jewelers using this feature are already expressing their great results. In fact, 98% of our 1000 Top Retailers and Sponsors have chosen to set up their own personal webpage!

Meet Two Diamond Designer from Iowa, Carrie Schmidt

Carrie, who has been with Premier for 10 years, set up her webpage on September 25, 2013.  Here’s what she had to say about how she uses her personal webpage a tool icarri (1)n her business:

“I felt it was easy to set up, and I am not very computer savvy. The first thing I did (even before setting up my page) was post on my personal Facebook page that the first 10 people to respond I’M IN would be the first of my friends and family to see the online catalog plus they were able to shop 3 items at ½ price. All 10 viewed my page and I’ve had about two thirds of those take advantage of their special offer!

Now I don’t even discuss my webpage until a Jewelry Show is booked.  I’ve made it a part of my Hostess Coaching and have a sticker on my Hostess Packet that reads: Please limit access to browse my webpage to those guests unable to attend your show.

At my Shows, I pass out my business card to all guests so they have my contact information.  On the back I have my webpage address.  Yes, there are out of town guests, but I try to foPicture2cus on those who have attended.  I don’t want them to feel like the webpage offers them a way out of coming to the show, but also, I don’t want to lose bookings and customers!

The webpage is now a tool I use in my business. It hasn’t changed how I do things, but it does offer a greater opportunity to serve my Hostesses and customers.  I’m excited to continue to explore the options, like the  invitations. And I love that Premier has taken the step to provide this service. The cost savings in shipping catalogs alone is a huge benefit!

I would absolutely recommend the webpage for all Jewelers. The money saved from mailing catalogs and invitations is just one big factor.  Also, there will likely be a fewer catalogs leaving my shows with guests who haven’t quite made up their minds or just want to take one with them. Now, they can see it online – which also gives me another opportunity to connect with and serve them.”


We would love to hear how you are using your Personal Webpage to grow your business while Keeping It Personal!  Share your ideas below.

One thought on “My Personal Webpage – Carrie Schmidt

  1. To whom it may concern:
    I just set up my web page with PD and love it…I enjoyed reading how others are using this tool in their business. I am excited to learn this new venue and apply it to my business also! It is the wave of the future and I feel that Premier Designs will benefit along with the jewelers. Please note that the “TAGS” part of the Bling Blog is extremely difficult to read because it is gray on pink. I would suggest to change the color combinations and font so that we won’t miss any words of wisdom:)


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