Experiencing Rally for the First Time

We asked four New Jewelers and one Rally Guest what stood out to them about Regional Rally.  What was their big take-away after attending their very first Premier Designs Rally?

Christina Demaio from Highland, New York

Start Date: June 2013             Rally Site: Hartford, CT

My why has always been because Premier is a biblically based company and stands by such high principals of honesty and integrity!  I attended my first Regional Rally in Hartford, CT, and boy was I blow away!  With mychristina demaio - reg r new j Jan 2014 (2) Premier mom, grandma, and great grandma by my side, I was recognized for my 6 Quick Start and that was so awesome!  I was more touched than anything by the video testimony from Kristen Lofgren of how Premier touched her life; I was crying such tears of joy!!  I have added the 2014 Verse of the Year to my business cards.  I will totally be attending National Rally in July cannot wait!  I’m going to sign up for the Rally Savings Plan this weekend and order the new spring line!!  (Pictured with Premier sister who was recognized for Joan’s Rookie Team and Quick Start!)

Christy Schlosser from Canal Winchester, OH

Start Date: May 2013            Rally Site: Columbus

As my first Rally, so much stood out. I loved the energy and excitement.  The motivation was awesome. I learned that I, the Jeweler, need to overcome thChristy Schlosser- reg r new j Jan 2014 (2)ose fears and get out there and talk to more people.  I need to get on that phone. Verbiage!!  This is one thing that I need to learn more of and work on. Just by saying the right words can do a lot.  One thing I took away with me that day is the word NO is okay.  It will make you stronger!!!!  A lot of times you can turn that NO into a YES. No matter what, don’t give up!!!!!  I’ve heard so many people talk about National Rally, and from what I experienced at Regional Rally, I could only imagine the excitement at National.  I’m working on scheduling Shows so I can put money away to save and go.  Overall I had a blast at Rally. It was fun to walk across the stage for my Quick Start 9.  I’m so blessed to be a part of Premier.  I was in a sorority at college, and now I feel like I’m in another one because the strong sisterhood of Premier keeps me going.  I thank my Premier Momma, Jaime Lawler, who has helped me in so many ways.  I never thought a job could be so fun and full of rewards.

Valerie Mengis from Tigard, OR

Start Date: September 2013            Rally Site: Tacoma

The Regional Rally in Tacoma was my first experience with a large Premier Designs event and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations! My Upline told me what a wonderful and generous company Premier Designs is when I first decided to become a Jeweler, but I never fully understood that until I was in a room of 200+ sister Jewelers and we all felt welcomed, appreciated, and celebrated!  As a new Jeweler, every part of Rally was a highlight, but I feel like I took the most away from the trainings. The trainers not only spoke of their accomplishments, but also spoke of their more difficult times and how their perseverance turned those difficult times into their greatest successes with their business.  Hearing their words gave me inspiration and serious motivation!  Since Regional Rally I have started working on a booking activity, looking for an accountant that knows about small businesses, began to consider sponsoring a new Jeweler, and perfected my super hero stance – all thanks to the encouraging words of those who have been doing this longer than I have.  I couldn’t help but notice how lovingly Joan Horner was honored through the words of nearly everyone there and the videos from the Home Office. I never had the opportunity to meet Joan, but from the stories that were shared about her it was very clear by the attention to detail and the joy all around us that her legacy lives on through those she touched.

Julie Smith from Abilene, TX

Start Date: October 2013            Rally Site: Dallas

When I became a jeweler in October, andjulie smith - reg r new j Jan 2014 (2) I was encouraged at that time to attend the Regional Rally.  I just had to go to see what all of the excitement was about, and it was more than I had hoped for!  I loved seeing the new jewelry and getting all of the encouragement and training, but what really stuck with me was how we serve others and help fill a need. Premier Designs is not about sales, it is about people.

Kathy Mancha from Garland, TX

Kathy attended the Dallas Rally as a guest, but what she experience that day was the last step to her joining the Premier Family.

Start Date: January 12, 2014            Rally Site: Dallas

In October, I starting praying for direction about my current job.  Around that same time, I received an invitation to a Premier Show, and even though I wasn’t able to attend, I was curious about Premier.  So, I contacted the Jeweler, Stephanee Hernandez (pictured), and Photo Jan 27, 11 41 03 AMasked for information.  When we met and I heard the Premier opportunity, I told her I was very interested but couldn’t afford it.  I asked her to pray with me about it.  She invited me to the Rally.  I attended and fell in LOVE with the company.  I felt God’s love all over that place and how HE was the center of the company and that won my heart.  I came home and signed up the next day.  I couldn’t wait to become a part of Premier Designs!  I look forward to attending local trainings.  I am so thankful that God made a way for me to be part of the company and for those who shared it with me.

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