We Are Premier – Kelly Pardue

top ret pic 2013At our January Regional Rallies, Designer Kelly Pardue was recognized as our Number One Retailer in the Nation.  Retailing $63,531.80 between June 18, 2013 through December 13, 2013.  We asked her to share a bit of her Premier story …

Growing up, I always wanted to be a “professional” . . . I wasn’t sure exactly which profession, but I knew I wanted to be an established provider for my family and respected in the vocation I chose.  After high school, I went straight into Nursing School, but after 3 years, I had to leave school due to some family health obligations.  Shortly thereafter, I got married.  I continued working at Capital One in marketing and analysis, hoping to fulfill my dream of being a “professional,” but after a long and trying period of extended bed rest during the pregnancy of our first child, I lost my job.  I wanted to stay home with my baby so I cleaned houses.  After our second child blessed my life, my marriage ended abruptly.  I spent the next 3½ years in makeup sales at Dillard’s and away from my children.  Unexpectedly, I met a wonderful man, Stephen, who I would marry.  He loved me and my two sons beyond my greatest dreams.  He has been an amazing husband and second father.  We had our last boy together, and I began working as a professional makeup artist at Nordstrom.  Following my varyifam picng degrees of work experience, I was dubbed the “Jack of All Trades” and “Odds & Ends Girl” by my friends and family.

An opportunity arose to be trained in cellular sales – yet another opportunity to be a “professional.”  I traveled to Florida for training but suffered a devastating experience.  Within days of returning home, I popped-in at the end of my neighbor’s Premier Jewelry Show and met Jewelry Lady Daune Zook.  Instantly, I felt a connection, like she was my long-lost sister.  Unbeknownst to me, a few months earlier, Daune had noticed me at our children’s elementary school and felt God’s nudging to tell me about this business.  As we had never met, she promptly told Him “No way!”  Well, I started my Premier business only a few weeks after that Jewelry Show in January of 2012.

In the past two years, I have really grown as a person, in my faith and in my business.  I’ve gone from nervously banging my head on the chandelier at my first Jewelry Show to a polished speaker in front of others.  By being a with mom sandra wilsonpart of the Premier Family, my faith has strengthened and I am closer to God, as well as, becoming a more positive person.  I have learned the importance of goal setting and how essential it is to establish them from a long and short-term perspective.  For example, for my business, I determine what I plan to earn between January and June and then work to accomplish those goals in the months between.

Never in a million years did I expect my “professional” resume to include “Jewelry Lady.”  Even though I was an outgoing child and loved trying on my mom’s jewelry, this opportunity had to find me.  Reflecting over the past two years, I can clearly see that God orchestrated every step of my work experience to prepare me to be a Jeweler.  As a nursing student, I learned to care for others and feel compassion.  As a marketing and analysis administrative assistant, I learned business sense and strategy.  Through makeup sales and artistry, I learned the value of making women feel beautiful and confident.  Each lost opportunity incited the desire to start my own business and cultivated the skills to be a successful Jewelry Lady.  Without even knowing it, I had become a “professional” . . . for a company that feeds my faith, rewards my efforts and blesses my family.

4 thoughts on “We Are Premier – Kelly Pardue

  1. I am very disappointed with premier jewelry. I like the jewelry but the lenght of time that it takes to get jewelry is tooo longgg!! I ordered a complete set of jewelry and a ring to go with it on Dec. 4, 2013. This was my christmas present from my husband. I finally recieved part of it the second week in January. The necklace was wrong and sent back to get the correct one and this is February 4, 2014. I do not know if I should just cancel the necklace and get my money back or keep waiting. If it is going to be a long time to get things a person buying should be given an estimated time of arrival. I do know that this will be the last time that I order any premier jewelry. VERY UNHAPPY!!!


    • Thank you, Martha, for contacting us. We are sorry for the delay. Service is very important to us and once a Jeweler places an order with us, our turn around is within 48-72 hours. To check on your order, please contact your Jeweler directly and if you are unable to get in touch with her soon, please call Customer Service at 1-800-486-7378. Thanks again for contacting us.


      • I have sent her a message via facebook. So far she has not returned the message. Thank you for replying to me.


  2. Definitely contact your jeweler! (And maybe try a different one.) I’ve ordered from a PD consultant twice, and each time, I received my order in less than a week. I was actually impressed with the short turn around.


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