My Personal Webpage – Gina Gravatt

Just a few months ago, we launched our Personal Webpages, and Jewelers using this tool are already expressing their great results.  In fact, 98% of our 1,000 Top Retailers and Sponsors have chosen to set up their own personal webpage!

Meet Four Diamond Designer from Ione, California, Gina Gravatt

Picture6I joined Premier in October 2007.  My original “why” was to create a stream of extra income for our family that would be flexible for me while home schooling our three children (Presley, Kialey and Jace) and serving in full-time ministry.  It only took me six months to realize God brought Premier into our lives so we could share the blessing of this business with others.  Premier has become a second ministry for my family.

Setting up My Personal Webpage and my favorite feature

I set up My Personal Webpage the first day it was made available to Senior Leaders.  I set it up so fast that I don’t even remember any issues during the step-by-step process. The only difficult part was deciding what to write in the message box (which I can change in the snap of my fingers anytime I want, LOVE that!).  My favorite feature of the webpage is the online catalog!  I hold 8-10 Jewelry Shows per month and coach my Hostesses to collect advance orders, so this tool has been huge for my business with about 80% of my Hostesses collecting orders prior to and after the Show!

Using the webpage in conjunction with a Jewelry Show

I coach my Hostess on “How To Have A Successful Show” as soon as we set her date.  I walk her through my step-by-step Hostess instructions, teach her how to show the catalog effectively (I give her 2 caPicture7talogs), and how to use my advance order form and tax sheet.  I let her know that I will email her the link to my webpage and catalog access code.  This is the message I send with that first email to her: “Having a Jewelry Show this Spring is going to be so much FUN because the NEW Jewelry is here!  Woo-Hoo!!!!  And you will earn lots of it for FREE as the Hostess.  How FUN is that!?!?!  Be sure to have your friends who can’t attend your Show and those who live out of the area view the catalog online and let you or me know what they want to order.  It’s that easy!!  Your goal is at least $100 in advance orders so you earn the $50 gift card for extra FREE Jewelry!  I will be in touch soon to see how pre-show orders are going!”

How to Keep It Personal

I feel that staying in contact with my Hostess and giving her ideas on how to have a successful show Keeps It Personal.  The webpage is a tool to assist her in collecting pre and post orders, but it’s only a resourceful tool if I am consistent in my communication with her and continue to encourage her to utilize the online catalog.  Many of my Hostesses create a Facebook event, and I ask them to invite me.  I upload fashion boards and offer special incentives such as “be one of the first ten people to rsvp and arrive on time and you will be entered in a special drawing.”  I also upload the link to Premier’s “Top Jewelry Trends Are Here” video.  After creating excitement and being active with posts in this event, I share the link to my webpage and my access code for the catalog (about 5-6 days prior to the show).  YES, I share it for all invited to the event to see.  WHY?  Because I created dialog and excitement about the Show, I think it is fine for them to view Picture2the catalog before the Show.  My average Show attendance is 8-10 ladies, and often a few more, so sharing the access code has not decreased attendance at my Shows. I actually love when they arrive at the Show asking to see a specific piece in person!

What my Customers and Hostesses think about My Personal Webpage

Hostesses LOVE the online catalog access since often a co-worker has walked off with their catalog and they have others who want to see it.  I love when I get emails or phone calls from Customers asking my opinion about pieces as they are trying to decide on their order.  The quick and easy access to view our Jewelry takes stress off both Hostesses and Customers and they feel Premier is “up with the times”.

I recently had a Hostess, a nurse in the labor and delivery unit of a hospital, who couldn’t find her catalog to collect post-Show orders at work.  Well, with no babies being born during a shift, a group of them accessed the online catalog and texted me 4 orders with a retail of almost $300. Because this tool was right at their fingertips when they had a few minutes, they could do that!  It was beneficial for both the Hostess and me that the catalog was right there to access (and of course that no babies decided to arrive during that shift, lol).

Picture1How my webpage has positively impacted my business

Increased RETAIL!  My average Show has increased since the online catalog became available last fall by approximately $200-300/show.  I attribute that to Hostess Coaching and staying in communication with her, but also know that teaching her to utilize the online catalog for pre and post orders was a big factor.  This tool has DECREASED my postage cost for sure.  Yes, I still mail catalogs from time-to-time per individual requests but nowhere near the number I was sending before.  THANKS Premier for giving us this wonderful tool!

Are you a New Jeweler and considering getting your own Personal Webpage?

I highly encourage NEW Jewelers to have a Personal Webpage.  Choose the month to month option and try it out for 3 months.  Selling a $20 piece of Jewelry each month pays the monthly fee.  With Hostess Coaching, your Hostess will know how to collect advance orders using the online catalog.  You personally can share the online catalog with your out-of-area friends and family for individual orders or catalog Shows. You will not only benefit financially from having a Personal Webpage, but it’s an excellent way to market your business locally and beyond.


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