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Just a few months ago, we launched our Personal Webpages, and Jewelers using this tool are expressing their great results.  In fact, 98% of our 1,000 Top Retailers and Sponsors have chosen to set up their own Personal Webpage!

Meet Designer from Brandon, Mississippi, Chelsey Knapp

momThis May will be my 4th anniversary as a Premier Designs Jeweler.  I joined Premier when I was 23 years old to supplement my full-time job.  In June 2013 God called me to leave that job and go full-time with Premier, at the ripe old age of 25.  My why is two-fold.  First, I use my business as a ministry to love on women and offer them amazing opportunities.  Secondly, I’m committed to building my business now, so that when I have a family of my own, I can be a wife and mother who is always available.

I set up my Personal Webpage almost as soon as it was announced (I wanted to win the drawing!). It was super easy to set up, so easy in fact, I haven’t even had to walk any of my team through it.

How I use my Personal Webpage in my business

I love that our catalogs are online. I had been asked for years when that would happen.  It’s a great service we can offer to our Hostesses/Customers to help gather more orders with ease.  Every Hostess is given my webpage for outside sales and for out-of-town family/friends.  It’s also included on the save the date invitation we send out to guests so they get a sneak peek and are even able to order if they’re unable to attend.  I also share my link at my Jewelry Shows so the Customers know they can view online and order from me anytime.

Keepingchelsey knapp christmas It Personal

I love that there’s a direct link to me and my story on my page.  Hostesses and Customers always have access to my webpage and my contact info to share with their friends.  So I really think it’s helped to extend my reach and allowing others to get in contact with me.  I Keep It Personal by making myself available for them to contact me anytime!!

My Hostesses/Customers love the access to online catalogs!  It’s helped them attain outside sales for their shows and given them something to share with all their guests, not limiting them to local friends.  I also feel they would say it’s more professional since my face, information, and story are all accessible.

Having a Personal Webpage has impacted my business

It’s given me confidence that we’re staying current as a company and adapting “Premier-style” alongside our internet-driven world.  I love being able to share that we’re accessible online but that you still need a Jewelry Lady to make a purchase happen.  I love that we can still Keep It Personal that way!  Also, the online catalog has cut down on my postage costs tremendously, as well as, the amount of catalogs I purchase to mail around the country.  Now working Premier full-time, I appreciate every option to be a memphis roundbetter steward of my finances!

I think every Jeweler should have a Personal Webpage!  It’s your storefront and landing page for your business.  Hostesses/Customers need access to your smiling face and your contact info so they can share with their friends!  They need access to online catalogs to increase their show sales and decrease your postage expense.  The evites are incredibly designed and being able to manage guests, send reminders, thank you’s, etc. is just a whole new service to help our Hostesses get involved and connect with their friends. The Personal Webpage is cost-efficient, better serves our Hostesses/Customers, and makes us credible/professional. For less than $10/month, there is NO reason not to have your very own page.

Chelsey Knappfam

6 thoughts on “My Personal Webpage – Chelsey Knapp

  1. Does it not bother anyone that we can not offer online ordering? Yes, having the catalogs online is wonderful, however every person that has been to my webpage emails or calls and askes, ‘where do I place my order?’ or ‘I couldn’t find where to order’. I honestly think Premier is limiting us as jewelers (and themselves as a company) by not allowing online ordering. *Sigh*


    • Thank you, Sarah, for your input. We always appreciate you taking the time to let us know your thoughts and will make sure it gets to the right person. Thanks for Keeping It Personal and serving your Customers. We are glad they know to come to you when they are unable to order online so that you can serve them personally, thus fulfilling our Purpose of enriching lives.


      • Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of business because customers are not able to order online. I truly hope that Premier will consider the age we live in and how important online ordering is to lots of people. Also, how many more doors of opportunity online ordering will allow us. Thank you again!


  2. It disappoints me that my comment from more than a week ago has not been published. I do not think it’s right to not allow everyone an opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns. This comes across to me that just because my comment points out the negative side of the webpages not allowing online ordering, that you have chosen not to publish it. I am very disappointed.


    • Hi Sarah! We’re sorry for the delay in posting your comment. We certainly do appreciate any feedback and take it very seriously. Unfortunately, your post was sent to our spam folder and we just now are sorting through those. We are glad you brought it to our attention as we get caught up. Thanks again!


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