In what do you delight?

A message from Bob Bolander, bob votyVP of Marketing Services:

Jeremiah 9:24b is our 2014 Verse of the Year – in the Home Office, it’s on many of our walls and I could trip over the sign outside my office if I’m not careful.  This morning the last phrase stood out to me “I delight in these things.”  The question that came to mind is “what are the three things in which I most delight?”  I quickly came up with my “proper” list of God, family, work.  Then it hit me that it’s not a list, it’s a life. In what three things do I invest most of my thoughts, energy, resources?  I won’t get too personal but my list started to change when based on reality. So what did I do? I asked God to give me “delight” in Him today and I’m looking forward to how that might play itself out.

We have a big day with the launch of our new “boutique” for new Jewelers, I do take “delight” in that BUT I’m hoping to see God do something amazing today through this in someone’s life.

In what do you delight?


I am the Lord who demonstrates unfailing love and who brings justice and righteousness to the earth, and … I delight in these things. 

Jeremiah 9:24b NLT


3 thoughts on “In what do you delight?

  1. Thank you for the sweet reminder. God is doing a Mighty work within me and in my families current situation. We are in a place where we are having to patiently wait upon The Lord for our future. My husband and I are called to full time ministry and we are in between opportunities right now. We are trusting God, but is has been easy for my thoughts right now not dwelling on the good things God has in my life right now. In fact, He’s been bringing me back to James 1 to count it all joy!


  2. It’s true! We know what we are supposed to delight in. But when we take a closer, honest look, sometimes it’s different!! Thanks Bob!


  3. I just want to say it is so awesome to work with a company who cares so deeply about what we want and give us the chance to have our ideas looked at and put into work for everyone to gain from. And our uplines who listen to what we talk about at our meetings. A big thankyou for all you do for us.


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