Can I do this Premier Thing?

Florida Designer, Sherry Loria, sent us this poem to share with you.  Sherry wrote this poem with first-year Jewelers in mind, with hopes of encouraging them to renew their contract with Premier and letting them knowing the impact Premier can have in their lives as well as the lives of everyone they touch.  Sherry is starting her third year as a Premier Jeweler today and challenges her Premier Family, and all of us,  to remember the hope that Premier brings to so many.


Can I do this Premier Thing?

By Sherry Loria 


If it is to be, it is up to me. I had a dream that I once could see.

I started out excited and strong; thought in this business, I can do no wrong.Picture2

I mean look at my Premier Mom – she has it right; by next month I will be on that same flight.

So, I held a few Shows and led my life; I have a lot to do being a mother, employee, friend, and wife.

Soon, I let the “no’s” get in the way; started to do less each and every day.

I made excuses and I must confess, I put my jewelry to the side and took a long rest.

Now my year with Premier has come to an end; it’s time to renew and do this again.

Should I or shouldn’t I? It’s what I say when I am alone and feeling this way.


But then I thought about my dream and realized it’s what makes me gleam.

There is a reason I am here; each day I work my business, the closer to that I will be near.

I mean seriously, I can take a “no,” ‘cause with each one a seed may soon grow.

So, I got on the phone and called each friend; I put catalogs at every business, wrote as many letters as I could send.

I got responses that honestly made me surprised because my Jewelry Shows started to rise.


People were finally saying “YES,” and I was a bit shocked, I must confess.

I even recruited a few friends, and then realized this is why I stayed in.

The longer I remained and the more I trained, my numbers increased, as well as, the reasons why I shouldn’t let my business decease.

See, now not only am I doing more, my calendar has filled and this “jewelry thing” isn’t a chore.

My commission checks continually are on the rise; Satan is no longer filling my head with lies.


I am a SOMEBODY. These people are my friends.

I am working Premier and realizing it’s a Godsend.


So now when a “no” has me down, I get on the phone and not fall to the ground.

You see when you look around at all those that succeed, they started as just another lead.

They too have had these same setbacks, but they didn’t sit still, they went on a full-fledge attack.

So this is what I say to you, after each Show put $10 towards your renew.

Advertise everywhere; you’ll find many that need you to share.

We have a dose of HOPE that can come to many at the end of their rope.

Remember, with each year you stay in, you are a stronger leader and increasingly making a great living.


Call your Premier Mom, call your Grandma, call Great Glam-ma, and know with each one, they can make you the best you can be, but most of all call to God and He will help you clearly see.




8 thoughts on “Can I do this Premier Thing?

    • My prayer is each jeweler wouldn’t give up on Premier and know if they persevere through ups and downs success will follow them. It takes about one year to build a solid foundation and customer base. It takes one year for some to even realize you are in business and this isn’t just a hobby. When others see you chugging along, they are going to come on-board too. Make sure your disposition is a positive one because people latch on to those that make their world a better place. That is what each and everyone of us is called to do.


  1. Thank you Linda for posting. I wish each jeweler would realize that the first year can be the toughest. This is the year you are building your foundation and customer base. This is the year people are realizing you are in this business not just as a hobby, although I find it as fun as one. If they chug into the second year, others around them see this and they start coming aboard too. We are in an impatient society and not every seed that is planted grows right away. Not every tree that we have blooms fruit the first year. These things take time, but if you don’t chop the tree down you will see the results. I am so glad I pressed on after my first 9 months when I was unsure. What a beautiful team I have now and a wonderful customer base.


  2. Thanks so much Sherry!! My renewal is April 30 and I am just know starting to feel like a Premier “business” lady!! I have 2 very dear friends who just told me yesterday that they will help me continue on into the next year, so you are correct when saying, “It takes about one year to build a solid foundation and customer base. It takes one year for some to even realize you are in business and this isn’t just a hobby. When others see you chugging along, they are going to come on-board too.” 🙂 The first year has been a learning curve and I am very excited to see what God has in-store for me next year! Premier has been a tool to help me succeed not only in this business but is and will also help pull me through college in which I am working towards a career in Social Work as well!! Thanks for your encouragement!! And btw…Fantastic Little Poem! And Thank you to my momma Erin Wood for her encouragement as well!!


    • Jennifer Happy 1Year Anniversary! I’m so happy you are making the decision to remain in Premier. Now you know the ins and outs of the business and this year ahead will be as fantastic as you make it. Thanks for your post and have a wonderful year ahead my friend.


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