True Blue Combos

Did you know that blue is one of the most common colors in fashion? We see it daily, especially because blue jeans are everywhere! Blue has a calming effect. There are many different shades of blue, from Indigo to Lapis and Cyan to Sea and Ocean Blues. They anchor every delivery.

We have several warm blues in our line and especially love our True Blue necklace! Here are five of our favorite looks using True Blue! {click the pics to pin}

Look #1 – Boldly Blue

Doubling True Blue and adding the Double Take enhancer makes for a bold blue statement!

true blue


Look #2 – Dare to Pair

What a stunning, elongated look when True Blue is combo’d with Silver Chic. And so simple! It sure adds some sparkle!

What about switching Silver Chic for Silver Splash or Twist and Shout for that same shiny #pdcombo?

true blue1


Look #3: Keep Cool

Check out this vibrant mix of beads and stones on our True Blue and Gemma necklaces! Adding the Silver Swirl enhancer on the chain of True Blue doubled really grounds this look.

true blue2

Look #4: True Blue

There is so much versatility with this piece and this is just one of the gorgeous ways to make it your own!

true blue3

Look #5: Summer Statement

Take your #pdstyle to a whole new level of glamorous by layering blues in your clothing and accessories just like this #pdcombo with True Blue, Gemma, and Blue Lagoon necklaces!

true blue4


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