We Are Premier – Eileen Koehler

As Rally approaches, let’s hear from our 2013 Marge Caldwell Encourager of the Year Award recipient Eileen Koehler.  Eileen and her husband, Charlie, are Seven Diamond Designers in Easton, Pennsylvania who have served as Premier Jewelers since May 2000. Eileen has faithfully grown her business by supporting and encouraging their entire Premier Family.  The Marge Caldwell Encourager of the Year Award is awarded to a person who exhibits the gift of encouragement and who has a passion for caring and loving others.  Eileen has certainly exemplified the spirit of Premier through her 14 years of service.


Rita Real Thing

When I first was introduced to Premier, I was already able to stay home with our two children, 6 and 3 years old at the time, but we really could use extra income to help with our bills and future college funds. I didn’t know of anything I could do that would enable me to make my own hours so I wouldn’t miss time with my children. I never imagined that I would be in direct sales. While I had been approached by representatives in other direct sales companies, it just didn’t feel right. At least, not until I started with Premier.

I attended my first Jewelry Show just to be nice. I had no interest in high fashion jewelry. YES, I was a “Rita Real Thing.” I only wore real gold and silver jewelry. I didn’t have a lot of it, but what I did have, I wore EVERY SINGLE DAY. At the show, I watched all the women, who also wore the “real” stuff, go crazy for Premier’s jewelry! They loved the versatility! I purchased a small something but did not book a show. Wasn’t quite “hooked” yet.

Hooked on Premier

Over the next few weeks, I kept bumping into the women who were at that show and now wearing their new Premier pieces. They looked FABULOUS!!!! So put together!! I was getting hooked.Picture3

After my second show, I really started to like the jewelry. What caught my ear though was hearing that Jewelers made 50% of everything they sold. WOW! I just assumed it was much less.

One of the ladies told me I would be great at Premier. Then another said the same thing. Ahhhh, the power of encouragement! It wasn’t until then that I seriously gave this business much thought. When I got home, my husband asked if I bought some nice jewelry. I said, “Well, I think I bought a business!!!” He was totally supportive and on board with Premier. He wasn’t sure it would work, but his motto was, “If you don’t try, you’ll never know.” I signed up within the next couple of days.

My goal was to just do maybe two shows a month and absolutely no sponsoring! Didn’t want any part of that!! I obviously hadn’t yet experienced what Premier was all about. Once I realized how fun it was to share this business with others and help them achieve their goals, I sponsored my first Jeweler within two months.

I’m able to encourage because others encouraged me.

Throughout my Premier journey, I had been encouraged by so many, especially when I was a new Jeweler. I remember so many smiling faces and hearing their encouraging words to me.  This impacted my attitude and my Premier business. I told myself that when I got to Leadership, I wanted to do the same thing for others.

Picture2My husband, Charlie, has always been my biggest cheerleader and supporter. Even when I come home from a Show that wasn’t all that great, he reminds me of why I’m doing this.  He tells me that there are going to be both good and bad days. “You got this,” he says often to me.

My Downline encourages me all the time with how hard they work and their drive to achieve their goals. It’s so important to be there for them and listen to what’s going on in their businesses AND their lives.

The friendships that I have formed over these many years are immeasurable. I cherish every one of them.

Rally Changed Everything

I attended my first National Rally, and of course, I fell in love with Andy (how can you not!) and got a deeper understanding of what Premier stood for!! That’s why I tell my Jewelers that until they go to National Rally, they really don’t “get it”. It was there that I realized this was God’s plan for me!!

Soon after Rally, I was doing a show and I noticed this one guest was receiving lots of hugs from the other ladies. I knew something was up but quickly forgot about it because I had to start the show.

At checkout that woman told me what a nice job I had done and that I made her laugh for the first time in months. Turns out her husband was dying of cancer and she was devastated. This show was the first time she left the house in months!! She said she had such a good time laughing and looking at all the beautiful jewelry. I was in tears!! I realized then that it’s not about the sales or the jewelry, it’s about touching lives!! This was one of many “God Winks” I have experienced. Making people feel good and connecting with them as much as you can is the key.

Receiving the Marge Caldwell Encourager of the Year Award was such an incredible honor for me. It was wonderful to have Jewelers share with me how I encouraged them in their business at one point. That’s what it’s all about!! What an honor to be able to touch someone’s life with your actions or words.



7 thoughts on “We Are Premier – Eileen Koehler

  1. Eileen, You are one absolute precious woman who God has placed in Premier so others can find the hope He’s shown you. I love your fearless confidence and seeing you go from “Rita Real Thing”…. To GIRL, YOU ARE “THE” REAL THING!

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