We Are Premier – Elizabeth & Randy Draper

In 2013, Elizabeth and Randy Draper, Diamond Executive Directors, received the Servant Leader Award for their consistent and outstanding service to their Premier Family and beyond. They have been committed to Premier for decades and truly exemplify what it means to live out the Purpose of Premier to enrich lives.


People are funny, so learn to laugh!

People are funny, and over the last 28 years, this business has made Randy and I learn to laugh at all the humorous things we find at Jewelry Shows! Several years ago, while setting my display up for a Jewelry Show, people began to arrive early. As Randy and I hurried to get everything ready, we noticed that everyone arriving seemed to be announced with their name and their title and what they did for an occupation. It seemed a bit awkward, but it was an affluent part of town.
I kept thinking, “Are you serious? Is everyone going to be announced this way?” It was like in the movie, Princess Diaries, with a trumpet and someone saying, “This is so and so and they are famous because of such and such?!” I started to feel a bit uncomfortable, and looked to Randy for support. I whispered to him, “don’t leave me,” but he just smiled, waved goodbye and went to meet a friend of ours for dinner. I thought, “He’s leaving me here all by myself? Really?

Then it happened, the hostess decided to introduce me. I have to admit, I was a little curious to find out what in the world she was going to say about me. All the other introductions had been made and were amazing. It sounded like the Who’s Who of the rich and famous! Her guests were like royalty in every occupation out there.

All of a sudden, in my mind, it’s like I heard trumpets playing, then the announcement, “This is Elizabeth Draper, and she will be showing her line of travel jewelry, tonight!” “Travel jewelry,” I thought. “My, what in the world do they think I’m going to show?” My mind started spinning, thinking that I needed to change my fashion show. I needed to change my booking activity. I needed to change my sponsoring activity. Somehow, I didn’t think this group of ladies would go for “Big Money – Little Money” (especially since one guest had already purchased $900 in watches). As I explained the promotion, “purchase $75 tonight and you will get any item $50 or less for $10,” she looked at me and said, “Oh Dearie, I don’t need a special. I’ll just pay full price for all of this!!”

“Whaaaaaat?!!!!! So much for specials with this group,” I thought! “What in the world am I going to do for my booking activity,” since I felt that my scratch off game, ‘Play and Let’s Party’ would hardly peak their interest!!
I began to think, “Elizabeth, market yourself!” So, I explained to them how I knew all of them would probably have a cause or something that’s important to them and dear to their heart. Something that they would like to raise money for! Ahhhh that peaked their interest; fundraisers were their thing.

I kept thinking, “When can I get out of here?” And then, I remembered what Andy and Joan had said over and over at rally and trainings throughout the years, ‘God didn’t take the time to make any junk,’ and I began to think, “I’ll just love and encourage these women tonight and find something special about each one of them!!!

As the evening went on, I’m so glad that I stayed. I began to realize that everybody is basically the same, regardless of how much or how little they may have. Everyone has a need to feel loved, to feel special and a desire to belong!!! Within the next 45 minutes, I went from a room full of strangers, where I was feeling uncomfortable, to a room full of friends, and it felt like we had been friends for years! It was a great show, not just for the sales and not just for the fundraisers, but for the fact that it had been a great reminder of how God loves everybody and everybody is special in His eyes!!!

I’m so glad that Randy and I have made going to rally and going to trainings a priority in our Premier Designs business!! Hearing the philosophy and purpose that Premier has been built on, over and over and year after year, has made an impact in our lives! When I needed to just love on people, I knew exactly what to do!!

It really is true, when you focus on enriching lives and encouraging others, your life will be enriched and you will be encouraged as well!!!

People are funny, and they always make us laugh!!!

9 thoughts on “We Are Premier – Elizabeth & Randy Draper

  1. You both are an important part of my life. I love and appreciate you both! Thanks for all you do for so many and for so many years!


  2. Oh Elizabeth! I love you because you make ME laugh!! How blessed I am that God has brought you into my life! I love that I have so many incredible friends and mentors through my Premier business. YES! My life is enriched!!!!!


  3. Yep, know the customer; during your show, change what you have to change, when you have to change it! Thanks for the great article. Hope to see you and Randy at Rally XOXO


  4. Randy and Elizabeth have been excellent role models teaching us what it means to serve, to love others like Christ loves us and to truly care about everyone God bring to us. Thank you for your mentoring/modeling and all you do for all of us!


  5. Love love love these two! Thank you for making us ALL laugh and not take ourselves too seriously !! You have added value to all who are blessed to know you !


  6. God couldn’t have put better role models in Andy and Joan’s lives in the early days of Premier! We are all so blessed to have such a loving and devoted (and successful) couple guiding us, leading us and supporting us….enriching OUR lives!!! Thank you Randy and Elizabeth!


  7. Elizabeth — oohhh how we have laughed!! Sometimes at the (smallest) things!! lol You and Randy have paved the way for the rest of us — and we would be lost without you!
    Love, Adrienne


  8. Randy and Elizabeth I will never forget what great training I received from you when I first got in Premier 20 years . Today I am still using those trainings in my premier Life love you
    Vermon and Martha Bearden


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