We Are Premier – Niquel Correia

A Dream for Every SeasonFamily Photo Niquel Correia

Reaching your fullest potential & finding your Premier “why” is a life-long journey.


In August of 2008, I was raising funds to pay for my trip to Taiwan for the Artistic Roller Skating World Championships. My best friend Melissa Ahern offered to do a Fundraiser Jewelry Show for me. While I had been a guest at one of her shows, I always felt I was too busy with school to host a show, and besides, I didn’t wear jewelry! I still thank God I decided to host that Jewelry Show fundraiser. When I saw how women loved the jewelry and how easy it was to sell, I was hooked!

I joined RAN_0222.JPGPremier Designs in March of 2009 as an easy way to make money as a full-time college student. The flexibility also allowed me to continue training for my skating competitions. But what started as a fun little part-time job that fit perfectly with my schedule, now allows me to be a full-time work from home mommy! In fact, my “why” (or reason for Premier)IMG_0104.jpg[1]

Now my “why” is staying home with my 7 month-old son. I look forward to watching him grow into a wonderful young man. I also want to give this same opportunity to women who need extra income for themselves or their family.


Niquel Correia is a Two Diamond Designer from California.


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