Saint Patrick – A Man of Faith

irish-blessingSaint Patrick – A Man of Faith!

Saint Patrick – patron saint of Ireland. Did you know that he wasn’t born in Ireland? At a young age, pirates kidnapped him and many others from their homes in Great Britain and sold them into slavery in Ireland. During those six years when he was mostly imprisoned, he dreamed of seeing God. In his dreams, God told him how to escape. He followed God’s plan and returned home to Britain where he became a bishop. Again he dreamed, this time about returning to Ireland to tell them about God.

His ministry covered all of Ireland, from the north to the south, from the poorest to the royal families. He was confident in the Lord with untiring zeal. He set up schools, churches and monasteries during the 20 years he served the Irish. He was beloved and his life is celebrated each year on March 17th.

When I was growing up in Ireland, I remember how everyone always made the day such a big deal. It was a big celebration. What a difference Saint Patrick made in the lives of the Irish people—one man, obedient to God’s call, preaching the gospel and changing a nation. We can enjoy our own celebrations with laughter and songs and blarney and shamrocks, but the real meaning of Saint Patrick’s Day is rooted in a man dedicated to sharing the gospel.

As we reach out together to enrich every life we touch, let’s thank God for the opportunity to provide a service, encouragement, affirmation, recognition and appreciation.

Andy_siloGreenHatHappy Saint Patrick’s Day from an Irishman who loves and appreciates you. May God
bless you!

Andy Horner

Co-Founder & CSO


2 thoughts on “Saint Patrick – A Man of Faith

  1. Proud to be Irish and Blessed to work for such an amazing company. Looking forward to my 1st National Raly hope I get to meet Mr Horner the man who made this company what it is because of his love for God and people


  2. Thank you, Andy, for your inspirational writings and comments which help us to face difficult times. You are a true son of God and a leader for our day. May God continue to bless you!


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