Serving others is my purpose!



by Meghan Newellnewell_meghan_daniel

2 Diamond Designer, Georgia

I have been blessed to be a part of the Premier family since I was 7 years old when my mom joined Premier to just pay off a little debt. Premier quickly became a lifestyle for our entire family. After only two years, my mom was able to quit her full-time job and stay at home with me and my brother. Because of the flexibility of Premier, both of my parents were able to pour so much love and time into us—whether it was coaching our sports team, going on our school trips, or even driving me eight hours for 15 weekends in a row so that I could play in a more competitive basketball league. Yes, Premier allowed my family to take yearly vacations together, eat family dinners together, and create lasting memories. That is something that I can never thank my parents or the Horners enough for.

Not many kids grow up wanting to be a jewelry lady, and not many can say that they could do a Jewelry Show by the age of 10 either! As soon as I turned 18, I knew that I wanted to start my Premier business. The flexibility of being my own boss allowed me to go to college full-time, play collegiate basketball, and still earn extra spending money.

I worked my business part-time and full-time, all while solely focusing on profits and myself. After four years, I left Premier for the corporate world. Even after all those years of hearing Andy Horner preach about enriching lives, serving others and focusing on people not profits, I didn’t fully understand.  Picture2I wasn’t thinking about enriching other lives, just my own. Man, was I wrong! As it turns out, God had a completely different plan for me.

I started my second journey in Premier in 2008 with a whole different mindset. During this time, I felt God start tugging at my heart to go into ministry but I had no clue where to begin or where to look. 2011 National Rally changed my business. Something finally clicked. It wasn’t until then that I truly began to understand my purpose in Premier—serving others. God was already trusting me with a huge ministry of enriching lives every day. Premier helps challenge me daily to find a servant’s heart.

Now that I am officially full-time, God has opened up so many doors for me and my husband, Daniel. Because of Premier, I have the ability to contribute to our household income and I have the flexibility to now plan yearly mission trips for groups to go to Romania. Daniel and I have been able to grow closer to each other and to God by working together on the mission field. Through Premier, I have developed lasting friendships with girls on my team and ladies all across America. Premier has allowed me to not only work from home, but to enrich lives, love on people daily, all while contributing to my real passion, missions.Picture3

God has a plan for me to serve others and to be successful all through Premier. Success in the world’s eyes is judged by things you have or are able to do, but I believe that success in God’s eyes is reaching out and helping others. I’m so glad that Premier allows each and every one of us to reach a level of unimaginable success! Not only do we have a fun way of making money and providing for our families, but we also have a platform to serve God and others through Premier.

8 thoughts on “Serving others is my purpose!

  1. 2011 WAS an awesome rally. That was when I received confirmation from God to propose to my wife Jackie Whitley.


  2. Love you Meghan….so happy to be part of such an amazing Premier family! You are an inspiration to me!!! 🙂


  3. I purchased 2 rings a couple of years ago and they started loosing their color I guess they were made very cheaply. I would never buy this cheap stuff again. one disappointed customer 😦


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