Thankful for God’s Plan

Thankful for God’s Plan

I just can’t get over that Premier is in its 30th year. WOW! As you know, when Joan and I founded Premier, we had our own plan—to just sit back while others ran the company. We wanted to visit missionaries and stay in the background of Premier. Well, God had a very different plan for us.

As I think back about some of the times in our life when His plan was evident, I can’t help but think about how I arrived at Home Interiors and began working for my mentor, Mary Crowley. Joan and I were happy in Dallas with no desire to move, but the company I was working for at the time was relocating to California. We were all set to move when we decided that we just didn’t want to leave Dallas again. A few months later and still job searching, I asked a friend if he knew of 2015-05-11 09.44.46anything and he told me to go see Mary because she had started a company, Home Interiors and Gifts. By chance? No!

I knew Mary from First Baptist Church. In fact, she was Joan’s spiritual mentor back in 1950 when Joan accepted Christ. We had lost touch with her, but I thought it would be good to contact her in case she knew of any job opportunities. Well, she hired me on the spot and I spent 17 years with her. I learned about direct sales and the home show business under her. Was this by chance? Absolutely not. God had a plan.

When I left Home Interiors, God continued to guide Joan and me into starting Premier Designs. He had been working in our lives for decades to get us to that point and we never realized it. And I am so thankful to God for the wonderful opportunity Premier has had to enrich lives and impact thousands of families.

I am so excited about the future. As we remain faithful to God and seek His guidance, He will continue to bless Premier. Remember, this year can be the best year we have ever had!

To God be the glory,

Andy Horner

Co-Founder & CSO

3 thoughts on “Thankful for God’s Plan

  1. I also bet that using things like Social Media to communicate God’s great message and plan for us was never in your wildest dreams. 🙂 Thank God for you & Joan and your faithfulness to God and His awesome plan for your lives. I had no idea that being a hostess for 19 years was part of God preparing me to be a jeweler. After reading your story (again) just now, it hit me that He was cultivating something in me that I can use in my Premier story. God had a plan. Something special and unique to me, that enables me to reach people that perhaps others cannot. My life was enriched through Premier all those years and now I am able to enrich so many lives in return. Thank you, thank you, thank you for building Premier on the solid rock foundation of God’s Word and for staying true to the Philosophy, Purpose, and Plan of Premier all these years, and for seeing to it that Premier’s future is secure in our future leaders, Tim & Peggy.


  2. I enjoyed getting to read and share this link with a lady who was with Home Interior and is interested in Premier Designs. Thank you for hearing God’s heart, Andy and for following His plan.


  3. I am so thankful for this company. It allows us to earn extra money and keep our faith doing it. I have met so many sweet women and am growing in the Lord because of this company. Thank you Andy for continuing to bless us with your knowledge and encouragement. May the Lord bless you abundantly. And I thank all those who work in the home office to get us what we need and the prayers for our individual lives when we have things that go wrong. What a learning experience. Praise the Lord!


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