God has been faithful

8121632928_00fefa53aa_mGod has really given me a long life. Wow! As I look back, I cannot forget all that He has done for me. He has blessed me greatly. But I haven’t always followed His path or kept my eyes on His purposes. At 18 years old I joined the Canadian Navy during World War II and I forgot all about God. That is, I forgot all about Him until the bombs were going off and I’d make a deal—“save me and I’ll change; I’ll live for you.” But as soon as the fighting calmed, I forgot Him all over again. When I returned home, I was still far from Him. I courted and married Joan, and a few years later we were living in Dallas. That is when our lives changed, when she accepted Jesus as her Lord and I truly recommitted my life to setting my course for His heavenly port.

Yes, looking back I see just how God worked in our lives; it was all By Design and eventually led to the founding of Premier. There have been ups and downs but God has been faithful, and I can’t help but thank Him for all He has done for Premier. We have a powerful Philosophy and Purpose that have impacted and changed countless lives. We have an amazing Premier Family committed to serving and caring for others. We have a strong foundation on the Bible. We must never forget where we came from or what He has done as we continue to serve Him and others through this business. Our future is bright!

To God be the glory,


Co-Founder & CSO

“As you sail through the sea of life,
set your course for a heavenly port.”


5 thoughts on “God has been faithful

  1. What a great blessing. Look forward to at ting my FIRST RALLY. And my husband will be with me. YAY!!! I became a Jeweler at the end of January ’15! So excited!
    Jennie Heberg


  2. You are such an inspiration to all of us! Your unwavering love for God and your total devotion to His word makes me want to be a better person. You make me want to have a closer walk with Jesus. Thank you for all your encouraging words. Love, Diana


  3. Dear Andy,

    I see so many that could benefit from Premier. I pray that the Lord uses me to enrich their lives. Thank you and your family for enriching mine!


    Lori Lohman


  4. Andy, you are such a precious inspiration! I truly am blessed to be a part of the Premier Designs family!! Thank you for your willingness to seek and follow our Lord! May God continue to bless the Horner family and Premier Designs!


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