Cindy Taylor 1

Wow! Where to start…  Not long before I found Premier (or before God led me to Premier) my life fell apart.  My husband became not only hooked on drugs, but on women as well.  After struggling for close to two years I finally left my husband, my best friend, with a few belongings and, most importantly, our 13-year-old daughter.  We had to file bankruptcy, sell our farm, and eventually file for divorce.

After a couple of years struggling financially as a single mom, I decided to look into Direct Sales as extra income. I had held a Premier party but the Jeweler had not shared the opportunity plan with us. But I was intrigued and started researching Premier along with other direct sale companies. In the meantime a friend and co-worker who had co-hosted the party with me signed with Premier so I assumed that knocked Premier off my list. But God had bigger plans!

I was at the hair dresser under the dryer contemplating what to do when, clear as bell, God said to sign with Premier. “But,” I argued (lol), “Lord, I work with Amanda (the friend who had signed) and she will be upset that there will be two jewelers in our place of business.” But He said, “No, she will be EXCITED for you!” I was filled with excitement and could not wait to tell her. I didn’t even know about the 10-10-10, so obviously when I shared my plan she jumped with joy—I was her first jeweler!

Cindy Taylor 2At the time Dorothy Prudich was my Great-Great-Grandmother in Premier, but she took me under her wing and treated me as if I was in her immediate family. Because of Premier I was able to not only pay my bills, but also have some extra cash for me and my daughter to enjoy!

My “Aha” moment came not long after. I was driving to my first show out of my immediate area and thought, “I am gonna make some big bucks tonight,” but God had another agenda for me.  The show was small, two guests who ordered earrings.  I wasn’t even sure I had made enough to cover my gas, but I stayed after the show to talk with the Hostess (who was not a Christian and whose Dad was very sick). I offered to pray for her Dad.  The next day she called with more orders and 2 bookings.  I often thought of her but did not see her again for several months.

That day came when I was helping a friend at a craft show.  I heard a woman say, “I think she knows you.” I looked up to see my Hostess in a wheelchair being pushed by her mom.  She had suffered a stroke and was struggling to speak. Cindy Taylor 4When I told her there was something different about her and that she was glowing, she looked at me and said, clear as a bell, “I got saved!” And that was my “Aha.” Premier is not about selling jewelry; it is about sharing Hope and the love of our Savior!

I took my daughter with me to my first Rally, and she expressed a desire to join the company when she turned 18. She was in awe of what Premier stood for. She did join and is now a Jeweler!

I thank God that Joan and Andy listened to their calling and started this business. I have made so many friends, and I am humbled by the missionary work that is done within Premier!  I am proud to say I am a Premier Jeweler and COUNT IT ALL JOY.

I will end with my favorite verse!

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

God Bless. Come boldly to the throne of Grace.

Cindy Taylor
Jeweler from New Bern, NC

7 thoughts on “I AM PREMIER – CINDY TAYLOR

  1. What people often forget is that ‘missionary work’ can often be done in your own backyard! Thanks for sharing…we are all disciples in some capacity!


  2. Thanks for sharing Cindy, even though we have spent time together I never knew your whole story. Thanks for encouraging me today.


    • You’re very welcome. It’s not a story I share often, but felt it was important to put into words in case there was another single mother in my situation.


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