I Am Premier – Emily Dubow

by Emily Jameson Dubow, Jeweler from Yakima, Washington

I have been a Jeweler for a little over a year and have really come to love Premier! I definitely believe that I am here by design.

Last October, I was very busy with my full time job, working 60 hours a week. I was invited to a Jewelry Show, and at first I thought I Emily Dubow & her momPremier daughterwasn’t going to go because I was so busy. At the last minute I decided to go because I really needed a night with friends. I went and had a fabulous time! I was especially impressed with the versatility of the jewelry! I wanted to buy way more than I could afford, so I got excited about having a show. At the end of the night the Jeweler, Sarah Sirianni, asked me if I had ever thought about doing something like Premier since I was so enthusiastic. It had crossed my mind once or twice, but at the moment I wasn’t looking. I still said yes, I’d like to know more, and by the end of the week I had signed up!

In my life at the time, I was feeling very frustrated and sad. I was working very hard at a small nonprofit, where I wasn’t seen or put into a position that really played to my strengths. I was also having a hard time in my marriage and was unsure if the city where we lived was right for us. That September I started to go to a life coach and one of my first assignments was to “sparkle 10% more.” I was so discouraged and down. I remember thinking that I had no idea how to do that.

Emily Dubow at Training ShowWhen my box arrived from Premier, I opened it up to see a giant sign that said “Hello, Sparkle!” That gave me goose bumps, and I knew it was a sign from God that I was in the right place. Right before my launch party in November, I learned that I was being let go from my job. That came as a huge, hurtful shock but God’s timing in bringing Premier into my life was perfect – a source of hope.

Another big encouragement during that time came through my upline and awesome sideline sisters and aunties. I was so pumped about Premier and I kept sharing what I was learning about the company with my best customer from the start – my mom!

My second “Aha!” moment came when I did a Small Business Saturday show hosted by my mom, Cathy Jameson. It was a $1000+ show! Making $500 in a few short hours had me on a high for the rest of the month! I was amazed at how easy and fun that was! At the end of December my mom became my Premier daughter, and we have been having such a blast in this business together.Emily Dubow at Rally

My husband and I ended up moving back to my hometown, Yakima, WA, in January of this year, and in August we had our first child. My mom and I are two of only three jewelers in this area! My business has been slow this year due to our move and the birth of our child, but it is picking back up and I am excited to share the opportunity with women here and grow my team. I love Premier, what it stands for, and what it has done for my family and me!


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