Premier Gives Back: Hope

HopeBeard3Hope Beard, Jeweler from Indiana

My name is Hope Beard and this is my fundraiser that I posted a few days ago. Within two days, I already received 7 requests for this and I’m highlighting it at my Jewelry Shows as well:

As many of you know I am mother to 4 amazing adult children who I adore. When my son Joe got married I was blessed with a daughter-in-law that I love like my own. Ashlee is one of the strongest women I know and she is loved by our whole family. On January 13th she gave birth to a HopeBeard2baby boy (child number two for them, Izzy is 18 months and Joe’s oldest daughter Krista is 8). On January 19th I watched this little family kiss goodbye as Joe was escorted to the airport by his Sergeant in the Army National Guard, to be gone for the next 8 months.

When Joe enlisted he wasn’t the only one to sign up, Ashlee did too. She signed up for an empty bed and single parenthood. She signed up for walking the dog and changing every diaper and paying bills, taking out the trash and having the car serviced. She signed up for all the goodnight kisses and scraped knees andHopeBeard4 late night feeds. She signed up for shouldering the bad news and figuring out a plan B. 
I’ve always had great respect for military service people, but I never fully appreciated the sacrifice of their families until I watched the grace of this one amazing young woman.

I recently started selling Premier Designs jewelry. They are quality items and I enjoy the “sparkle,” but in the Spring Collection they introduced this bracelet and when I look at it I think of Ashlee. 
It is called “Inner Strength;” it’s a beautiful silver cuff bracelet with a raised heart stamped on it but the inside of this unique piece bares the quote, “She believed she could, so she did”.

So for the next 8 months, until my son sees his family again, for every one of these bracelets that I sell I will be donating $10.00 from my personal net profit to Operation Homefront.





2 thoughts on “Premier Gives Back: Hope

  1. This is so very heartwarming! Please send my thank you for their time and service for our freedom! You have been inspired by something magnificent without realizing the impact you will have on not only the foundation, but outsiders looking in. I am grateful for a soul like you in our world!


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