Premier Gives Back: Felecia

Felecia Summy, Jeweler from Pennsylvania

{ Blessed Through Giving }

My whole “why” of Premier Felecia Summy 1was to use this business as a way to give back. For 23 years I was a perpetual fundraiser with my 3 girls and even had the official title of Church Marketing Coordinator for our church. So I was pretty good at selling stuff!
My purpose when I started with Premier in July of 2014 was to reach out and focus on fundraising and I have been blessed through the giving.

One of my first fundraising shows was for a group of ladies who wanted to support a co-worker who was going through cancer treatments. As the evening progressed, this group of women pulled together and made purchases totaling over $1300. They also decided that a number of the free items would be given to their friend. It was quite an emotional evening and I realized that this business is so much more than jewelry. It is relationships, it is giving back, it is caring for other people and reaching out to help. Jewelry creates memories, jewelry is sentimental, jewelry is fun!

These women will always think of their friend, and she will think of them, every time they wear one of the pieces they bought that night. They will think of this wonderful support system and EACH of them will remember that we do not go through this life alone.


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