Premier Gives Back: Lisa

Lisa Glavin, Jeweler from Wilmington, DE

I am a relatively new Jeweler and have a dear friend suffering from breast cancer for the second time. Lisa Glavin 1I decided to do a show to honor her and give her all of my profits, and make her the hostess so she could receive all the jewelry even though she could not attend. Once everyone’s jewelry came in, I contacted her and told her what I did. I knew that telling her prior to the event would upset her and she may even have tried to stop me from doing it. The joy that emanated from that event as friends came together to support her was one of the best feelings in the world! Presenting her with all the free jewelry she earned from being a hostess and the 50% I made from the show was the next best feeling in the world. She was speechless, touched, and so appreciative!

I knew I couldn’t take her cancer away, or stop her from going through grueling rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, but gathering her friends together for one night to honor her and support her, and all without her knowledge, was amazing! I have felt this kind of joy several times in my life and it is like no other! She was not only physically and emotionally drained from all she’s been through, but very worried about her finances. So, presenting her with some money to help her get by and free jewelry to help her feel more like a woman was the least I could do.  I would do it one hundred times over just to see the joy and love on her face!

I am so thankful that Premier came into my life at the time it did. I have so much faith in God’s timing because I joined Premier at a time that coincided with a friend going through a sad and rough time. It was through Premier that I was able to give to her in a way that I would not have been able to on my own. For that and so much more, I am grateful!

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