Premier Gives Back: Laci

Laci Moffitt, Jeweler from Middle Granville, NY

Laci (right) with Premier Sister Sara Belanger.

I am new to Premier as of November 2015. I had my first initial starter shows booked and used them to build my business. I wanted to do well at this and get my name out there. It was December and no one wanted to book a show around the holidays! It was that month that I decided to do a fundraiser for someone. I didn’t have anyone in mind; thankfully I am blessed to not have anyone close to me with a dire need. I asked around and received an overwhelming response for a 17-year-old girl named Kacey. Her father is well known in our neighboring town of Hartford NY, and I’d met him a few years before. I also got in touch with her mother Tonya. She had to quit her job to be able to care for Kacey everyday. The family is struggling to keep bills paid.

Her mother told me that Kacey is a senior studying cosmetology, loves to dance, and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on October 2nd. She spent 9 days in the hospital beginning her weekly chemo treatments. On October 28th she was re-admitted to Albany med where she spent two weeks fighting an infection which could have taken her life if not treated. Because of the chemo treatments, her body no longer had an immune system to fight off the bacteria that caused the infection. She was put on a ventilator and a continuous dialysis machine. On November 11th, she was well enough to move to the regular pediatric oncology floor where she started chemo treatments again. She was moved to the rehab floor on December 11th and is making great progress each day.

After speaking with Kacey’s father, mother and cousin I decided that we would go forward with a fundraiser for her. I created a Facebook event and it all started with me and my jewelry – that was it! My friend was able to get a band to play at the event and I received some local donations to raffle off. My Premier team donated items for a jewelry basket to raffle. The restaurant where we held the event also donated 10% of their total sales from that night to Kacey!

I was super nervous. Less than a week away, the Facebook page said that there were almost 60 that RSVP’d yes and I knew of more that were coming! I also put an advertisementLaci Moffitt 1 for the event on our local radio station.

The day of the benefit I had 3 women from my Premier family come to help me plus one woman who was looking to join Premier – I couldn’t have done it without them. I gathered all the ladies together and introduced myself, spoke about Kacey, and then went on to talk about Premier. I showed 3 pieces – I had to make it short and sweet because the entire place was packed! I donated 100% of my profit to Kacey.

I would have never, ever had the means or the drive to do something like this before Premier. I am all for helping people out, but Premier gave me the courage and drive to put this benefit on! It not only helped Kacey, but I did in fact get my name out there. I only figured on a couple hundred dollars, maybe $1000. But we had a grand total donation of over $3000!

I booked three parties off of this event and offered a guaranteed amount of $25 that I would donate to Kacey on the night we close their home show. I also gave them an extra incentive of spinning my spin to win game and one woman landed on and additional $25. That’s another $100 that I will be giving to Kacey when I close those parties! And I still have various people trickling in donations.

This experience was truly amazing – to see the community come together like they did was breathtaking! I can’t say it enough, thank you Premier! I feel like a whole new woman and was able to give back to my local community!


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