Take Joy in Keeping It Personal

With Grammy at Rally - I stood in line for a picture!“Invest love, encouragement and the personal touch, and it will help you build a successful business, and a successful life.”

~Joan Horner

Last summer, as I cleaned out the attic and poured through a dozen boxes of “keepsakes,” I found this picture (below) along with a very personal and precious note.

And if I close my eyes, I can step back into it: cool summer breeze, the stretching Texas sunset, mesmerizing waves on the lake crashing against the shore, barefoot friends with endless laughter and story telling. No phones rang, no televisions buzzed. Simple. Quiet. We were present.

PBB Reunion 2006And then … I plug back into the world. Technology. Convenience.

In this high speed, instant access world – { keeping it personal } can be quite a challenge. It’s much easier to send a quick text or merely like a post than to call or comment.

Grammy did love technology. She always had the latest gadget, would send her grandchildren sweet texts, and emailed daily with Jewelers, missionaries, and close friends. She was savvy, but she never let these replace that personal touch.

My Grammy. She was like a best friend, a spiritual guide, a gracious boss and a role model all rolled up into one, beautiful lady. For almost six years I had daily contact with her before she passed away in December of 2010. She truly is one of the most influential people in my life.

Celebrating 61 Years TogetherGrammy taught me many things. That to be successful, I have to work hard. To appreciate timeless style equally as much as you love the hottest trends. To always look your best – it was about feeling good about yourself. She took great pride in how she looked. To treasure your family. To give more than you receive. To invest in people and build strong relationships. To { keep it personal }.

Grammy took joy in { keeping it personal }

She was one busy lady, but that never kept her from writing one more note, making one more phone call, sending one more gift. Even if she had somewhere to be or was the last one to leave, she would sit and listen to your story with her heart, her hand on yours, her eyes soft and focused, no matter how long you needed. She never checked her phone instead of concentrating on the person right in front of her.

Grammy attended soccer games, piano recitals, graduations and weddings for her beloved family. She knew our friends by name and invited them into her home or on vacation. 25th BirthdayShe learned about their lives, wrote them notes and prayed for them.

She remembered your name, your kid’s name, even your dog’s name and she used it every time you were together. She welcomed you into her home too and relished being your hostess, serving you dinner and making sure you left with a gift. She gave smiles and hugs freely. She wrote thank you notes and sent birthday gifts. She loved celebrating – a new baby, a promotion, a move. She was present.

She knew what was important. You. Me. People.

She loved us well.

Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her influence in my life. I wouldn’t have studied in Argentina had she not invested in the people and ministry there. I wouldn’t know the blessing of those treasured friendships 12 years later or even really how to keep them without her example. Nor would I have the deep connection with my family who live all over this world. And I’ll always be grateful to God for the special blessing of serving her.

I miss my Grammy.


For those of you who knew her and loved her, for those of you who never met her personally, as well as, Cousins in Carolinafor those of you who only know of her through others in Premier or via video  – thank you for remembering her and for living your life and working your Premier businesses by { Keeping It Personal }.


This week, as we celebrate what would have been her 91st birthday – let’s challenge ourselves to { keep it personal} in her honor. Let’s be intentional in loving and investing in others. I would love to hear your ideas and read your stories of how you { keep it personal } this week. Please share in a comment below.

It’s a privilege for me to carry on this torch and help { keep it personal } through Premier’s social media platforms. Make sure to follow our Facebook page this week and see how Grammy { kept it personal } through her life and example. Each day we will share with you as she so freely shared with us.

Monday – { KIP } with her Premier Family

Tuesday – { KIP } with her family

Wednesday – { KIP } with a handwritten note

Thursday – { KIP } with God

Friday – { KIP } with intention
We Will Remember,

Kathryn Horner


“Love strengthens friendship and friendship strengthens love.”  ~Joan Horner

12 thoughts on “Take Joy in Keeping It Personal

  1. I’ll always treasure the “keep it personal” lessons learned from your Grammy ( our Queen Mother)..notes, gifts, and being present with people. Thank you for keeping that passion alive. I commit to that too!


  2. Kathryn, thank you for these sweet reminders and memories, and for sharing your precious grammy with all of us in Premier. We are so enriched by having known her! Looking forward to a sweet reunion in heaven!


  3. Kathryn, your Grammy was an absolute one-of-a-kind, and how I miss her too! The impact she made on my life and countless others is completely priceless. Thanks for sharing these beautiful and personal stories with us, and how I desire to keep her KIP legacy alive!!! WWR. XOXO


  4. This is really beautifully written, Kathryn. I never had the pleasure of meeting Joan, but have learned enough about her to know that she was one in a million.
    This week, as I shipped out a few orders to customers, I kept it personal by including a handwritten thank you note with a personal message with each order.


  5. What a treasure .i would have loved to have known your grandmother. She was a rare beauty. I do see her in Premier and all the beautiful jewelers . How blessed I am to be a part of this family. Thank you for sharing and keeping her memory alive💕


  6. Thank you Katheryn! She would be so proud of you!
    I was not as close to her as many.
    I did have the opportunity to go to her home, take pictures with her, several hand written notes from her; I cherish all those memories! She was a mentor to many up close and personal or from a distance not even knowing it!
    Joan was one of a kind CLASS act! I lived&miss her


  7. What beautifully written words and memories. So grateful to be touched by her. Thank you for continuing her legacy.


  8. This is precious. I know you treasure up in your heart all she was & all the memories & keepsakes you have of her. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I’m so thankful for these reminders to keep it all personal 😘


  9. Wish I had met her in person! I will carry on her legacy to the best of my ability and meet her one day with Jesus.


  10. I never had the privilege of meeting Joan, but My birthday is May 10 and my grandkids call me Grammy! I pray that I can be half the inspiration Joan was to everyone she met.


  11. We feel honored and proud to be a PD supplier when see your sweet and beautiful wirtten and memories on your Grammy, We know her by images but never have a chance to see her. I am very glad to see your words which will give us more trust and confidence to better cooperate with premier designs. We will do our best to support Premier Designs with high quality styles. Hoan’s legacy are also helpful to us.


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