Fall is the best selling season of the year!

a&j-lobby portraitWow, time really is passing us by quickly. I say that all the time, but I really think this year has gone the fastest. We’re already close to the end of summer and heading into fall, our busiest season. I wanted to share with you something Joan wrote in September 2010 about work and how the time ahead can be the best months to impact your business:


Soon summer will be finished. No more 100 degree days and no more erratic meal schedules for those “professional ball-players.” School is now in session! Do I hear a sigh of relief? Maybe you can see more time for working your business—more telephone calls, more of this or more of that.

We are about to celebrate Labor Day on Monday, September 5. This is a special day set aside to recognize the working people of America—all those who have labored in the past, and those who are laboring in the present. This includes you and me. What is work?
It is God ordained from the beginning:

–  Adam was told to work

–  Moses worked with his flocks

–  David cared for his father’s sheep

–  Peter and Andrew were busy casting a net into the sea

–  Andy and Joan are busy at Premier

In the beginning, God intended that we should work. Work is not easy—work is an opportunity—and I am so glad that I love to work. Aren’t you glad, too, that you are able to work?

I believe this time of year—these four months ahead—can and will be the best time to really grow your business. Traditionally, more business is done during these four months than the previous eight months. These next four months will be a wonderful time to personally show attention to those new Hostesses you will meet. A great time to enrich their lives, and a very special time to meet some of their needs for acceptance. Just think of the hundreds and hundreds of customers out there waiting to be encouraged. What a great time it will be this fall! Four months to tell your Hostesses, upline, sideline and downline they are somebody special—just as you are!

God has surely blessed our company in so many ways. We are having a fantastic year, thanks to all of you, our hardworking Jewelers. We salute you! Andy and I are so thankful to the Lord for all His love and care. Thank you for your hard work in the month of August. Have a wonderful fall season and Count It All Joy!

I love you all very much, Joan


Joan really cared for you so deeply. Her words are still applicable today. You are our Premier Family and you are such a blessing to us. I echo her—THANK YOU for all you are and all you do for Premier. You are appreciated. You are so special to us.

Serving together,


3 thoughts on “Fall is the best selling season of the year!

  1. Thank You Andy for always encouraging us! I read Joans devotional almost every day. It’s always a fresh timely word no matter how many times I’ve read it through the years. I’m getting ready to begin my 10th year in Premier! It has been such a mainstay in my life! No matter what life sends my way, Premier has been steady. Thank you so very much!


  2. Thank you Andy for always thinking of us and reminding us to never, ever forget about Joan. I am so excited to start working Premier full time, as I recently retired after teaching for 36 years. I love reading words of wisdom from you and Joan.


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