schrock-bethVirginia Designer Beth Schrock had her biggest show ever in June—$3,453—and is happy to share how she did it so you can too!

A big motivation for me to increase my retail recently was to achieve the Get In The Game Champion level and earn that full line of new jewelry! I decided to work like it all depended on me and pray like it all depended on the Lord! I knew that if I didn’t make it, I would have no regrets because I had done all I could.

I had my biggest show ever in June. I finally broke through my highest show retail of $2,000 to have a $3,453 show. It was a personal show, so I worked hard as the Hostess and the Jeweler, but it was worth it.

When all was said and done, I realized that the time I’ve invested in building relationships over the past 13 years in Premier was a major factor in helping me achieve my goal. Here are some other things that have helped me build my business.

1 Give your business to the Lord. Ask Him to be part of it and to bless it. Pray for your show, that it will be a blessing to those who come. I didn’t have very many people actually come to the Personal Show that turned out to be my biggest ever, but I loved on those who did.

2 Set goals. If Premier doesn’t have something you’re working toward, you need to set your own goal to achieve.

3 Personally connect with each person. Call or send personal messages asking them to come to your show or to help you out by placing an order or by scheduling a Jewelry Show. This will be a lot more effective than a blanket Facebook post inviting everyone you know to “attend.”
We need to do what we tell our Hostesses to do!

4  Make sure you are connecting with people outside of your Jewelry Shows. Don’t make everything you do revolve around your business. What I’ve learned over the last 13 years in Premier is that you have to develop relationships with people that are not just about your business.

  • Join a “Girl’s Night Out” group that goes out to dinner once a month.
  • Join other networking groups that meet on a monthly basis, so you are getting to know the people in those groups and developing a relationship with them.

I joined the local Retail Merchant’s Association about 4 years ago and have developed many relationships with other members. Getting involved in the various activities they provide has been truly beneficial for me. Although I’m there for my business, I’ve made lots of friends through the activities.  We don’t just talk about our businesses; we get to know each other on a personal level, too.

5 Share your goals with your friends and ask for help! Those that care about you want to know what is going on in your life and business. If you let them know what you’re trying to achieve, they will be more apt to want to help you.

Many of the orders I received for my personal show were from people with whom I’ve been developing a friendship for a while. I had a few that said, “Beth, I don’t really wear a lot of jewelry, which is why I haven’t purchased from you before. I really want to help you out with your goal, though, so I’m going to do some early Christmas shopping!”  (One of those friends put on one of the necklaces when she got her jewelry and wore it the rest of the night because she liked it so much! Heehee!)

6 Use the Facebook Live feature! Do not act “desperate,” but emphasize how much you are hoping to make your goal and would greatly appreciate their help. Each time I got on FB Live (on my personal page to friends only, not a public page) and shared how far away from my goal I was, I received $200 to $300 in orders within a few hours afterward!

7 Have your own specials! Premier had the most amazing special they’ve ever had in June! I just piggy-backed on it. When the customer spent $150, I paid the $12 fee for each of their pieces up to $75, so they were able to get 2 pieces for FREE! I had a lot of people take me up on that!

8 Give different options for payment. For the orders received via Facebook or email, they can send a check in the mail or drop it off, pay via credit card, have an invoice sent or pay through PayPal®. Make it as easy as possible for them to pay.

9 Be generous! I did a drawing for those that ordered and gave out coupons for free and half-price jewelry. I allowed them to use the coupons on the NEW line.

The Lord laid on my heart to give half of my profit to an organization that was helping feed the flood victims in West Virginia and I shared this with my friends and customers. A few people who had not purchased before now wanted to help me because I was helping others.

I did not “make a lot of money” from my Personal Show, but I earned the FULL LINE for FREE, so I was blessed in other ways! I also found out that I have a lot of people rooting for me and who care about me and my success in my business. It was a very humbling experience to realize how many people “showed up” when I asked for help.

10 Last, but not least, make sure to thank those who have helped you have a successful show. Make sure to thank everyone for helping you achieve your goal! Give a handwritten thank-you card with each person’s order when you deliver or send it.



  1. How outstanding. You are Premier! I loved your words of wisdom. It’s always a winning move to ask God in it with you! Thanks so much for being a light and an inspiration. Patience is a winning factor in anything we attempt to do. Learning to be a giver and do as He does is so encouraging. We need more Godly direction. Thank you!


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