Reflection by Andy Horner

As I walked along the beach recently, I noticed a large tractor drill working hard.  They were building a 10-story condo on sand. They had to drill very deep to hit a solid stable foundation if the building was to endure. It is amazing that the most important aspect of this building would never be seen, but without it, the building would become a disaster.

Much more important is the foundation on which we build our lives. It cannot be on what we own or who we know. It cannot be built on a religion, denomination, church, pastor, friends, or company. Without a solid foundation, our lives can be hopeless. As discouragement, despair and hurts pound our lives, we can begin to crack and disaster sets in.

The word foundation comes from the word “found.” It means to establish on a firm basis for an enduring existence. Is your life built on rock or sand? You can build it on biblical truth, which will endure forever, and the rock, a person named Jesus—the way, the truth and the life. He never changes or leaves us as we go through the storms of life. You can trust God’s word. A strong foundation is not just a need when building, but it is a basic need for a life.


But, all those who come and listen and obey me are like a man who builds a house on a strong foundation laid upon underlying rock and when the flood waters rise and break against the house it stands firm. —LUKE 6:48


3 thoughts on “A FOUNDATION

  1. A wonderful prospective. As a retired school teacher, I have witnessed so many children that have lacked a solid foundation in their lives. I firmly believe that a child must have strong, committed and selfless parents to build their foundation. Whether they are believers in Jesus Christ or not, they must believe in the gift that God has given them in that child. Thank you Andy Horner and Premier Designs for continuing your faith in the life our Lord has given to all of us.


  2. This was such encouragement today. As we are faced with life situations, we need to be sure to stand in our solid foundation-God’s Word and a personal relationship with Jesus.
    Thank you for this word, Andy.


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