Set backs DO NOT change the Plans and Purposes of God in our lives!

by marthatriceMartha Trice

Builder, Florida


I remember a year ago at Rally, sitting listening to Melody Box’s story about her cancer and seeing her brave courageous spirit as she shared her story. My thoughts were, “Would I be like that?”

I am Martha Trice – I have been in Premier for 15 years and love the company and all it stands for. My husband and I are overseers over a small network of House Churches. We had just had a delightful Christmas dinner in our home. It was two weeks before Christmas and I felt a large lump in my breast. It was shocking, but I knew it was something that had to be addressed. In January after multiple biopsies and mammograms, I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma that had spread to my lymph nodes.

My first thought was – “This does not change the plans and purposes of God in my life.” I knew there would be new things to deal with and I was on a journey for my life. It seemed like everything was drawn out and in slow motion. Of course, I had just been diagnosed when I went to Regional Rally. My friends I traveled with knew the diagnosis. God had me sit right beside a gal who had been through the whole journey with breast cancer. marthatrice_pdfamilyShe shared her story with me, not knowing at all what I was facing. It was still all so new – I didn’t share with her. But I knew it was God beginning to encourage me and sending people to walk with me.

After being encouraged at Rally I decided once again – “This does not change the plans and purposes of God in my life.” I had purposed to try to win the All Star Challenge. I had 3 shows already booked in January. I was still in shock, not knowing what was ahead. I went ahead with my shows; some Jewelers and friends went with me to my shows to keep me focused. I kept going. Over the next few months I continued to book and do one, sometimes 3, shows per month.

One Saturday I had planned a sale at my home and invited many friends and previous Hostesses. I didn’t get any replies. I had shared my dilemma about trying to keep my business going during my illness. I was so disappointed. It was a drop in from 2-5 pm. I told my husband, I didn’t think anyone was coming. At 2:00 pm 2 gals showed up (previous Hostesses) – “We came to pray for you before anyone gets here.” I almost burst in tears at that moment. They prayed for me a very powerful prayer. Then it started – 1-2 -5 people – it was a continuous stream of guests for 3 hours! The sales were over $1000! I was stunned by the Hand of God!

Over the next few months I had to have sales in my home every month. I had to get very creative and invite different guests to each one! At one of the shows, a good friend went with me. I shared that I needed to sign up one more gal to join my Premier family to win the challenge. As she was helping me get things in the car she said “Martha – I think I want to sell Premier with you!” marthatrice_husbandI was so excited! My dear friend signed up and is now on my team!

I was trying to keep my journey somewhat off Facebook. To my surprise an innocent gal shared some of my story and asked for prayer on FB. At first I was horrified, but it’s like one friend said – “No one ever complains about too MUCH prayer!” An avalanche of greetings and blessings began to come my way. My husband and I have lived in 3 major cities and some of our friends had no idea what I was going through. Someone set up a FB page, “Friends Standing with Martha” and a “Go Fund Me” to help with the astronomical expenses that were coming our way. I sat back in amazement at the Hand of God. Before we knew it over $10,000 had been raise to help with our expenses.

In the mean time – I had begun Chemo in April and it was taking its toll on me. When June rolled around, I was so close to the 12 shows! It is a blessing to have 3 sisters! Once more, one of them helped me out to do my 12th show! I was so thrilled when I got 1/4 of the New Line of jewelry in July! I may be bald, with no eyelashes or eyebrows – but I can guarantee you I can put on some jewelry, make-up and a wig and feel like a million bucks!


My Premier family has stood beside me in a wonderful way! My Premier Mom Gail Smith has sent me multiple charms every week and words of encouragement even though she is facing cancer with her own mother! Premier’s Home Office has constantly been in touch and prayed for me continuously! Lynda Jones and Lynda Soss stood beside me with encouraging words and prayed for me. I have had a huge outpouring of love and blessings in the midst of all this!

In September, I will have surgery and by the end of the year, my journey will come to an end and I will be glad to kiss 2016 goodbye! I am thankful for a wonderful God who is my healer and walks with me everyday on this journey. There were so many other blessings it would take another 5 pages to share. Just know that God is FAITHFUL! Set backs DO NOT change the Plans and Purposes of God in our lives!

5 thoughts on “Set backs DO NOT change the Plans and Purposes of God in our lives!

  1. Beautiful! What a wonderful testimony glorifying God every step of the way!! I’ll be praying for you the rest of this year as you finish what God’s plans are for you in your cancer journey!


  2. As 19 year breast cancer survivor and a Premier Designs lady for 9 years, I can identify with her. I personally feel that I have beat cancer but, due to 5 surgeries in 16 months ( none of them cancer related) I had to put my business on hold for large parts of 2015 and am now trying to rebuild my business, though it seems slower than I would like, I am still persevering.


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