Building my Premier business while fighting breast cancer

madelynriverahusband by Madelyn Rivera (Builder, Florida)

I was in a deep, deep cloud when I met Sarah Aybar, who would become my sponsor. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in April but still had to work full time to help support my family. In October of 2015, right after having a double mastectomy, I made the decision to join Premier.

During my annual exam, the doctor found a lump on my left breast. I wasn’t even thinking of breast cancer. I thought it was just a small cyst, no big deal. Right away I was referred for a mammogram and ultrasound, and I still wasn’t thinking about breast cancer.

In April, I was told to see a breast surgeon immediately. I remember thinking, oh wow, these people are serious. Within two days I was sitting alone in an examination room as the surgeon reviewed my mammogram and ultrasound. He told me that in all his years of experience, he knew this was breast cancer.  I was numb as he went on and on about cancer and what he could do. He said I needed a madelynriveramombiopsy as soon as possible. I left the appointment, concerned only for my son, who is now a 14-year-old honor student, and my husband, a truck driver who is away from home for months at a time. I went back to work and tried to give my best, but I was still numb.

In June, I was still having biopsies because my right breast also showed signs of lumps. I got a second opinion at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, and made sure to always bring someone with me for every visit. It’s a beautiful place with great doctors who are very caring and understanding, and I’m still a patient there.

madelynriverasponsor_sarahaybarI joined Premier for extra income because I was on disability. Sarah helped me so much because I couldn’t lift anything, but I wanted to give Premier and myself the opportunity to succeed. It was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I was excited for my Training Show. The turn-out was great and retailed more than $500. I also booked over five shows! I was looking forward to those shows and sharing my testimony, but I was also back in the operating room. Fortunately, no chemo or radiation was needed, and I felt blessed to be with Premier and my family.

In December, my right implant needed to come out but I was determined to keep my Jewelry Shows. My son helped set up my display table, and I had customers model the jewelry so I wouldn’t have to raise my arms. I kept doing my shows, but my health was getting worse and I fell into a deep depression. I prayed and prayed while continuing to hold Jewelry Shows. Those shows helped me out of my depression – thank you Jesus!

By February, I hadn’t sponsored anyone and I worked with Sarah to see what I could improve. madelynrivera_nr2016I was ready to sponsor, but God had other plans. My other implant had become infected. After having it removed, I immediately felt better and decided to give my body time to rest. I focused on my Premier business and sponsored four ladies – two have already sponsored as well!

I am blessed! I thank Jesus for bringing Premier into my life when I needed it the most. I’m still home recovering but also working on my business to succeed. I am now a Builder, working to become Designer. I was blessed to go to National Rally and look forward to many more. Hard work does pay off! As of September 12, I qualified for Road to Dallas – another milestone and goal accomplished!

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