Losing a parent is not easy … but God had plans for me

by Megan Manningmeganmanning_family

Jeweler, Arizona


I wanted to share my story about how breast cancer has affected my life and my family. I was raised by a single mother, named Lou Ann Savely. When I was younger, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She required surgery, which removed a baseball-size lump from one of her breasts. She endured many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I can still remember my mom pulling and adjusting her wig while she was dropping me off at a neighbor’s house a few hours after a chemotherapy session. I didn’t understand until I was much older that my mom was going to job interviews.

As an adult, I couldn’t imagine the burden that was placed on her during that time. We had escaped an abusive household with my father and moved from California to Nevada. We thankfully had my grandmother to help us through this difficult time. Watching an adult lose clumps of hair as it was being brushed, moans of pain and agony after treatment, and the disfiguring scars left behind were not easy to explain to a little girl. meganmanning_pd

We had very little, but as a child I never knew what my mother was going through. She was strong, stoic, and absolutely beautiful. My mother would become cancer free, and enjoyed several more years with us as a healthy, strong woman. Unfortunately, during my freshman year of high school, my mother was hospitalized. She was given the diagnosis of ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. My mother passed away from ALS, after a yearlong battle with this atrocious disease. We just celebrated my “sweet 16” and the grandmother that helped during my mom’s breast cancer, suddenly became the guardian of a teenager.

I know now that God had much bigger plans for me. Losing a parent is not easy, but without the hardships I would have never been given the same opportunities and gifts. I know my mom would’ve loved Premier Designs Jewelry. She would’ve loved what Premier Designs stands for, what it is, and how it has blessed my family. I appreciate what Premier does for families with single parents and advocating for cancer awareness. Thank you!


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