Gems from Joan – The Lord Demands Fairness

Our precious Co-Founder and Queen Mother spoke on our Founding Verse, Proverbs 16:11, at our 2000 National Rally.

“The Lord requires fairness in every business deal. He established this principle.” – Proverbs 16:11

Each year – at the beginning – we share our year’s verse. Usually it is a promise for each of us to cling to. Sometimes it is an admonition for all of us to heed. Many times it is a statement of God’s faithfulness to us as His people and His company, Premier Designs. We have had 14 such verses. I am wondering just how many of you know the original verse upon which Premier was founded. It is found in Proverbs 16:11. “The Lord demands fairness in every business deal. He established this principle.” We believe, for a business to be successful and a blessing to others, that business must be established on the principles that God has laid down. I realize that there are many of you out there today who are involved in Premier and yet you may not even know you are following God’s principles. It is God who sets the Standards.

Gods’ standards are high – He demands fairness in every business deal. That is His standard.

What is work? It is God ordained from the beginning –

  • Adam was told to work
  • Moses worked with his flocks
  • David cared for his Fathers’ sheep
  • Peter and Andrew were busy casting a net into the sea.
  • Andy and Joan are busy at Premier

Now the beginning, God intended that we should work. There is no easy way. Work is an opportunity, and I am so glad that I love to work!

Let me return to God’s Word: His standard in every business dealing is fairness. He demands that in our work.

There are many ways that we can be fair. Just look at the dictionary and read the definitions:

  • free from bias, free from dishonesty
  • Legitimately sought
  • Proper and right according to the rules.
  • Justly and equitably
  • Straight forward and honest
  • Impartiality
  • No more favor to one side than another.

I can’t help but interject a baseball term: a fair ball, a batted baseball that lands, rolls, or is caught within the legal areas of play.

Fairness – this is what God demands.

He demands fairness from the corporation. This means we are to be honest in all of our transactions with our manufacturers from whom our jewelry is supplied. We are to pay our bills on time. We are to keep promises we make; happy-30th-anniversary-premierour word is to be trusted. Is it different the way we deal with our vendors? No, we are required to be fair and honest with them also.

Looking inside Premier to our family of associates. Do you believe this verse does not apply there? Surely, we can run our office and distribution center differently. We all have favorites and we can treat them differently, can’t we? After all, they are special for some reason or another. What does that do for harmony and unity? Destroys it, doesn’t it? This verse certainly applies in our dealings with our Home Team. We must treat everyone honestly, openly, fairly and equitably. God demands this and there is no other way even mentioned.

I can tell you today that we have strived to do this form day one. Possibly, sometimes we have fallen a little short. Maybe we have 99.9% record. But we know that our company will never receive God’s full blessing, unless we obey His word and abide by His rules.

Now, that brings us to our dealings with our Field – You, the Premier Family of Jewelers! I hope you know just how special you are – each one of you – to God and to me! As we plan promotions, they are looked at form that same viewpoint. Is it fair? Is it helpful? Is it right? You know our slogan for many years has been WIR WBP – What Is Right and What is Best for Premier. We look at each contest to see if it is straight forward and honest.

God’s standard is high, but is something to which we adhere. Honesty, integrity and fairness.

I would like to look now at your business. This verse is for you also.

The Lord demands fairness in every business deal. He wants you to seek others for your business in a legitimate manner. God will bless your business if you stick to His standards. When you tell your Hostess about the Bonus Plan, be honest and straightforward. Stay within the rules. Yes, we need legitimate guest. Yes, we need $100 in advance orders. You ask “Well so what? What does Premier care? They will never know.” I ask “Who is Premier?” You are Premier! I am Premier! And we do care, don’t we?

Is it difficult to treat your #1 Recruit who does 10 shows per month differently than Jane Jones who has one show every 6 weeks or so? We all know, if we’re honest, that some people are easier to like than others. It may be their sales are higher or it may have to do with their personality. It is just a dsc_0942fact of life. But, and that is huge, but our guidelines from the Scriptures demand that we treat all of our Downline the same – fairly.

Yes, the Lord demands fairness in every business deal!

In life, one of the immutable laws of human nature is that we get in return exactly what we give. It is just like our experience a few years ago at a beautiful lake in Argentina. We stood on the bank and hollered “Hello” and back came our “Hello.” We hollered “We love you” and we heard “we love you” returning back to us. That is very simply the law of the echo. It all comes back. Incredible echoes mirror our actions and sometimes it is echoed in greater measure than we give.

Do we want our associates to be cheery, unselfish, and fair?

Then the place for me to begin, is with that person staring back at me in the mirror, every morning.

This law of echoes is very consistent. Children echo their parents, students imitate their teachers, and Jewelers echo their Upline. If a Designer is communicating negative and unfair ideas, guess what? Those same ideas are reflected in her Downline – almost without exception.

Like beget like – smiles breed smiles. Fairness is as contagious as the flu. Whatever you deposit in your echo bank, you draw out in return – and many times with interest.

Proverbs 16:11 is not a choice for us; it is the Lord’s demand. His requirement to be fair in all of our business dealings is a great way to enjoy the law of the echo.

I told this story once to vividly illustrate my point –voy-2016

A missionary was sitting at her second story window when she was handed a letter from home. As she opened the letter, a crisp new ten-dollar bill fell out. She was pleasantly surprised, but as she read the letter, her eyes were distracted by the movement of a shabbily dressed stranger down below, leaning against a post in front of the building. She couldn’t get him off her mind. Thinking that he might be in greater financial stress than she, she slipped the bill into an envelope on which she quickly wrote these words “Don’t despair.” She threw the envelope out the window. The stranger below picked it up, read it, looked up and smiled as he tipped his hat and went his way.

The next day she was about to leave the house, when a knock came at the door. She faced the same shabbily dressed man, smiling as he handed her a roll of bills. When she asked what they were for, he replied. “That’s the 60 dollars you won, lady. Don’t Despair paid five to one!”

We laugh at that – but when we take a serious look at it – it is the “return law” isn’t it?

What do you think would happen to your business if you took Proverbs 16:11 seriously? When Premier Designs lives and operates according to Proverbs 16:11, which is God’s high standard, what do you think can happen?

God has surely blessed our company in so many ways. We are having a fantastic year, thanks to all of your hard working Jewelers. We salute you! I truly believe that our results are directly in proportion to our obedience to God’s requirement.

The same can be said for your business. It is that law of echoes!

Have a wonderful fall season and count it all joy!

I love you, Joan.



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