New Beginnings for a New Year by Joan

Gems from Joan, originally printed in January 1998 but the message still rings true.


“Great is His faithfulness, His mercies are new each day.“

A new beginning!  Promises, resolutions, new commitments.   These words are very prominent around the first days of a New Year.  Life is a series of new beginnings.  We get a new car, a new home, new clothes, new friends, a new baby.  These all suggest a fresh new start.  Newness is a beginning again.  It may be something that never was before, or it may be something that was before, but is now different.  I love the verse found in Lamentations 3:23, “Great is His faithfulness, His mercies are new each day.” Isn’t that a great promise — new every day!

What about your promises?  Lose weight?  Spend more time in the Word?  Cook dinner every day for my family?  Pray for my family every morning and evening?  Be a friend to someone who needs a friend? Eat more vegetables?  Show care for my neighbor?  And how about my Premier family and business?  This can truly be a new beginning, a time to start over afresh.   Can you dream with me?  This is the time to move away from the ordinary.  This is the time to book, and book, and book.  Now is the time to plan on just one more Home Show each month, which will give benefits to one more Hostess, and will enrich the life of one more somebody — can you dream that?  Dreaming can be threatening for some, but I trust it will be exciting, a challenge to move onward and upward, a commitment to build your Premier business, to make it deeper and stronger in 1998.

I dream of our company which shows care and concern for others.  I am committed to keeping that personal touch that I have spoken of so often — just one more phone call, one more note (hand-written), one more word of encouragement, one more smile.

1997 is gone — fading into history.  Let’s look forward, reaching beyond our dreams, into the lives of those we encounter.  Maybe it’s at a Home Show or maybe it’s doing a “one-on-one.”  We all have this fresh, new beginning and I promise to join you.

Andy joins me in wishing you a Happy Premier New Year — May God grant your every desire, as we together serve in the homes of America (just one more).

Serving more in 1998,




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