Our Plan, God’s Plan, My Plan

Andy Horner Co-Founder & CSO


To God be the glory! What He has done for me, He can do for you.

While we focus on our strengths, God uses our weakness. Think about Moses and Aaron. God provides! Think about the story of Samson. Our strength takes us away from God and towards Delilah who deceives and destroys. Have you ever failed? I certainly have. I’m convinced God knew my heart. God could see me, my life.

When I was kid, I was told, “Kids are to be seen and not heard…You talk too much…you have a short attention span.” I was very creative and could not sit still for very long. I don’t know of anyone who thought I would have a future in anything. It’s been a long journey.

I started with so little. I can’t remember my father. I had an uneducated mom, an Irish scrub lady, who in her late twenties became a Christian. I struggled with wishes and dreams. I misbehaved. I ran around with some dangerous friends. I had been saved at age 11, but at 17, I rebelled against my mother and the Lord. I joined the Navy and saw the world and much of what it was made of. Oh, I had fun at times, but always, always there was something missing.

I rededicated my life to Christ in Dallas in 1950. With my rededication and Joan accepting Christ as her personal Savior, our lives changed. We became active in the church. Learned to pray and study the Bible. How we thank the Lord!

God has a plan and I’m thankful at age 60, after much resistance, I was able to understand and follow Him. I can tell you that since then I have enjoyed my life and thank God for His love, patience and wisdom. To God be the glory! What He has done for me, He can do for you.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with two close friends who are Jewish Christians. We talked about how we believe we are in the last days. Their discussion was very impacting to me. I know many pastors believe the same thing. For those of us who believe in Christ – what a peace we have knowing God is in control. That for Him, a day is as a thousand years – He holds the future in His hands. We can rejoice knowing that every promise the Bible tells us will come to pass.

Thank you for all you do! I’m so grateful to have you as a part of the Premier Family! We will remember where we came from and who we are! We will remember our Purpose and Philosophy and how God has blessed us. We will remember my honey, Joan, and her personal touch and the major role she played in building Premier into a personal business. We will remember to God be all the glory, great things He has done!

Romans 11:36 “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen.”

We care a lot,

We Serve a Risen Savior!

Andy Horner Co-Founder & CSO

“Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here! He has risen!”

Easter eggs and bunnies and a time for new hats and clothes! Easter is an exciting time of year … but how and why did it all come about?

“…today in the town of David, a Savior has been born … He is Christ the Lord.”

…that demonstrated love, giving, and care. There was an arrest, a trial, a mocking, a crown of thorns, a death on a cross.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Jesus Christ came to earth so that we might have life, and have it more abundantly. He also came to die and shed His blood as a substitute in our place. Today, after more than 2,000 years, there are millions who by faith have put their trust in Christ.

“very early on the first day of the week, just after sunrise, they were on their way to the tomb…but when they looked up they saw that the very large stone had been rolled away and they were alarmed…. You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene who was crucified? HE HAS RISEN.” What a triumphal truth.

“Let not your hearts be troubled … I go to prepare a place for you…I will come again and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.” John 14:1-3

Since back in the eighth century, Easter has been a Christian festival designed to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. It is observed on varying dates due to different calendars, on the first Sunday after the Paschal full moon. (Paschal Full Moon is the fourteenth day of the Lunar Month occurring on or next after March 1, according to a fixed set of Ecclesiastical calendar rules and without regard to the real moon. In 1892, the Paschal Full Moon was established by the Ecclesiastical rulers.)

Winter is over, Spring is here. God’s creation resurrects. The flowers bloom, the trees leaf and the sun shines more. This is a festive time, but let us not forget to praise God from whom all blessings flow, and thank Him for His gift of love, and life, and for providing a way for us to have peace on earth for the present and a heavenly hope for the future.

May you have a dressed-up, wonderful 
Easter with your family and friends, 

Serve with Love

Andy Horner        Co-Founder & CSO

              SERVE WITH LOVE

Wow, February is already here. I really can’t believe it’s time to write another Update article! Time really does fly by. We live in fast-moving times. I remember when it took days, even weeks, to get a handwritten letter. When I was serving in the Canadian Navy, letters were very precious to me. And then when Joan and I were courting and living in different cities, we wrote every day (even on the days we talked on the phone or saw each other). Nowadays, days pass by and I can hardly remember what I did. We can receive “letters” in minutes. Wow! It still impresses me how far we have come technology-wise.

For the year 2013, I’ve made a goal to start each of my mornings with prayer. I’ve asked God to help me take the time; to set it aside for Him. It’s not very easy for me to sit still, as you may know. My hope is that by starting each day off with Him, I will be able to fulfill my other two goals: to serve someone every day and to tell people I love them. (Oh, the power of love; it’s magnetic!) That’s a lot!

Okay, one more! To TRUST GOD! This can certainly change your day! Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.”

Yes, I’m going to try to be better in 2013. This year sure may be different, but even though things may change, remember to rejoice! Never forget God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! It can be a great year. What God has done in our first 27 years, He can do for us in the future! Trust God!

Oh ya, I almost forgot – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! I always enjoyed this special day to celebrate love with my Honey, Joan. She was my best friend. I loved her so much and miss her every day. What a special treasure she was to me. She loved each of you dearly. I want you to read a bit about love from her:

People need love all the year long. In America we have generalized the word “love.” It is used daily to express “we love this” and “we love that.” The true meaning of love is much deeper than that. I remember many years ago, when I was on a trip with Mary Crowley. We were shopping (of course!) and I made the comment, “I love that pretty blue tea pot.” Mary was quick to correct me. She said, “No, Joan, you don’t love that tea pot. You like the tea pot; you love me. You like things, but you love people.” I have never forgotten that. I like Premier Jewelry, but I love Premier Jewelers! 

In I Corinthians chapter 13, Paul says this: “If we have every gift in the world, and could speak every language there is under heaven, but do not have love, we would only be making a noise.” 

Serving others is not always easy to do, but it is a big part of Premier Designs. We are a “people” business. To be successful, we must be able to serve with love. Some people are very hard to love – it does not come naturally. Love never gives up. Love goes on forever. Love builds people up, and people build our business. We thank God for each of you out in the field, serving others with love. You are precious to us. 

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, showing those around you how much you love them! God loves you, and I do too!

Let’s Trust God together,

2013 Can Be A Good Year

2013 Can Be A Good Year

Andy Horner Co-Founder & CSO

Don’t Miss the Opportunity!

Yes, there is much uncertainty now, but during times of struggle or hardship or confusion —we must not look back, but look UP for wisdom and direction. Yes, let’s thank God for what He has done in the past, but let’s look AHEAD and trust Him. In these times of hopelessness, let’s recognize the opportunity we have through Premier to offer people a dose of hope. Look AROUND and serve Him by serving others. 2013 is a new year of opportunity to work, to serve others and to help them meet their needs.

We can have hope even when our government calls our time a recession. Listen to me, I’ve been in this business for over 40 years and have been through six recessions. While America may be down, for us in the Premier Family, we can bring hope and a special opportunity to others. What we have to offer is far more than just selling jewelry. Through Premier we can help enrich lives and meet needs— whether they are financial, belonging, recognition or friendship needs. Never in my lifetime has there been a better opportunity for us to meet those needs and to help people know that they are someone special, that God loves them and we do too.

“Andy, what should I do?”

1. Trust God.

2. Know you have something to offer.

3. Don’t listen to negative talk.

4. Serve and care.

5. Give without expecting anything in return.

6. Believe you can do it.

7. Keep working no matter what happens; you’ll be glad you did.

Yes, God will bless! Let’s look to Him and stay firm on our foundation. In 2013, let’s go into more homes in America and enrich more lives than ever before!

Sharing hope!

To God be all the glory,

P.S. A Special Note of Thanks!

To all those special people who sent me Christmas cards and pictures and gifts! Oh, my! It took weeks to get through all the cards! I enjoyed every one. Joan and I used to spend all Christmas day reading through the cards and enjoying the family pictures. Thank you so much for thinking of me this Christmas! Premier has been so blessed to have you as a part of our Premier Family! When Joan and I founded Premier, we wanted it to be a family company. Now, after seeing the hundreds of family pictures, it just really touches my heart to see how God has blessed and built Premier into the company we dreamed of.

Joan always enjoyed writing personal thank-you notes for all the gifts, so I want to make sure that you know how grateful I am for your kindness shown to me at Christmas! I pray you had a wonderful Christmas! May we take with us into 2013 the true meaning of Christmas and never forget that God sent His Son to die on a cross so that we might live. May the Christmas spirit of joy and love live through us in 2013.