We’re thankful for our Jewelers!

You’re amazing for countless reasons, but here are just handful…

You always bring the *SPARKLE!*

Friends and family can count on you for the latest trends and style staples. Best of all, you help them earn it for free!

You bring people together!

Who do your friends call when they need a girls night? You, of course! You make it easy and fun to get friends together for a few hours to play in jewelry.

You give back!

Premier supports many ministries and charities around the world, and you help make that possible! Plus with endless possibilities for fundraisers, you use your Premier business to support many different causes.

You support your team!

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned veteran, you belong to a team. Your Upline and Downline rely on you for support and encouragement, and you know you can always count on your Premier family.

You know how to Rally!

Our annual National Rally and Regional Rallies are great successes because of you! By participating in trainings, connecting with fellow Jewelers and sharing the opportunity with guests, you’re growing your business, accomplishing your goals, and enriching lives along the way.


Premier allows me to live God’s plan and support cancer patients

Nikki Holm, Builder in Floridanikkiholm_family


I was invited to a Jewelry Show earlier this year and didn’t really want to go, but I decided to help support my friend and stopped by. I was surprised when I found myself having a great time, and as I listened to my captivating Jeweler, I felt God telling me that I would soon be selling Premier jewelry, and it would be a great way to honor my friend Mary Holm, and continue her legacy. Mary was my radiant, magnetic Jeweler, who passed away from breast cancer in April of 2013. Mary wished for a foundation to help support other breast cancer patients and their families. Her father initially started a foundation in her name but after the first year the support and growth subsided. Life happened.

I went home and immediately asked my husband what he thought about me doing Premier. I figured if he said no then that would be it. He didn’t bat an eye. He was very supportive, as he believes Premier is a solid company. Looking back, I find it funny that I questioned God’s plan, but He worked it all out and the ride has been amazing.

Looking back, I find it funny that I questioned God’s plan, but He worked it all out and the ride has been amazing.

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My cancer journey brought me closer to the Lord

maryleekrieger_rally2 by Mary Lee Krieger, Jeweler, Florida


As the Mammogram Technician said, “Now don’t get dressed, the doctor will be right with you,” I knew in my heart what I had suspected for the past week. The doctor performed what is called a “targeted” ultrasound. I emphasize targeted because it makes all the difference. As the doctor glided the wand over the suspect area nothing showed, but when he firmly pressed down – there it was! There was no mistaking what we were seeing – a malignant tumor of substantial size! As I lay there with my eyes closed and the doctor’s voice in the background I ran to my Rock! “Dear Lord,” I prayed, “Please give me the strength to go through whatever lies ahead and fill me with Your Peace, the Peace that passes ALL understanding!”

A biopsy, MRI & PET scan later, it was confirmed that two malignant tumors were present on the right with a suspicious area on the left as well. Both Ductal & Lobular cancer were discovered and it had spread within the beast tissue to the chest wall. It was classified as Stage 3b locally advanced Hormone Receptive Breast Cancer.

I was the 6th in my family to be diagnosed with breast cancer

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Losing a parent is not easy … but God had plans for me

by Megan Manningmeganmanning_family

Jeweler, Arizona


I wanted to share my story about how breast cancer has affected my life and my family. I was raised by a single mother, named Lou Ann Savely. When I was younger, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She required surgery, which removed a baseball-size lump from one of her breasts. She endured many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I can still remember my mom pulling and adjusting her wig while she was dropping me off at a neighbor’s house a few hours after a chemotherapy session. I didn’t understand until I was much older that my mom was going to job interviews.

As an adult, I couldn’t imagine the burden that was placed on her during that time. We had escaped an abusive household with my father and moved from California to Nevada. We thankfully had my grandmother to help us through this difficult time. Read More »