I never want to be without Premier!

by Rachel Grile

Winning a car on the last day of Rally was an answered prayer for Rachel Grile, and to this day she still gets goosebumps thinking about it!


My story with Premier started in 2010, I joined to make a little extra money and have some girl time! I didn’t wear jewelry much and wasn’t into fashion at all!

Shortly after joining, my “mom” got out of Premier so I was left on my own for a little while. I wasn’t really sure what Premier was actually about, or what their purpose was. I just did shows as they came and never really worked on my business.

Then in 2013, my Premier mom now, Kathy, called me. She saidsat-winner, “Hey I’m your new Premier mom. How can I help you?” Ever since then Premier has meant so much more to me than just a few shows and a little extra income. I have built relationships with girls in my “family” and even those that aren’t. I look at my “job” as a way to be a blessing to those I come in contact with—you never know what is going on in their life that day, week, or year!Read More »

We Are Premier – Julie & Tracy Colburn

As our 2013 Tom Hemingway Excellence incolburn ed pic Leadership award recipients, Executive Directors Julie and Tracy Colburn from Apex, North Carolina, have truly exhibited the qualities the award represents: demonstrated excellence in leadership, character, honesty, truthfulness and a desire to help and serve others.  Jewelers since the spring of 1998, they have built their business faithfully and consistently by serving others and enriching lives.  Julie and Tracy  have truly blessed many in their Premier family and beyond, but they would quickly say they are the ones who have been greatly enriched by Premier Designs Family.


A Life, a Marriage and a Family forever Changed!

About 17 ½ years ago we were living in Brandon, Florida. We had moved several times throughout our married life, always going where Tracy, my husband, could make more money. You see, we were one of those families caught up in materialism and for a lack of a better term – we worshiped money. This move, however, proved to be the start of a downward spiral for our marriage and our emotional states.

We never received any of the big monetary promises that the company offered us to move to Florida and for the first time in a long time, we were really struggling financially. I was in total denial of just how bad things really were. I felt little stability and was on the verge of depression. Tracy’s way of coping became alcohol. We felt as if we had hit rock bottom. There was nowhere else for us to turn but UP to God.

We had started attending church and searching for some kind of hope when Premier came into our lives.

I was invited to a jewelry show by a friend. I loved jewelry but I didn’t have any extra money so I couldn’t attend.  I did commit to do a show to help her out.

The Jewelry Lady, Penny Marshall, called me shortly after to get a date for my show. I gave several excuses before she asked if she could to call me again later.  This scenario played out many times. Each time Penny called, she told me all the reasons colburn fam pic - pastto be a Hostess. I even remember her talking about going to National Rally. I finally put my show on the calendar in February of 1998.

Our life continued on a downward spiral

I wasn’t the best Hostess and didn’t put much effort into it.  The night of my show, two guests showed up (and one left early). We had fun playing in the jewelry, while Penny shared about her Premier business as if the room was full. I didn’t listen very closely, but my friend did and said, “Julie, you should do this!” I quickly answered, “No. I am way too busy.”

At the time, I was a consultant with another direct sales company.  The same week as my Jewelry Show, I had a show with the other company. After no less than 6 trips to my car in the pouring down rain just to carry in the product, I decided it was worth the time to hear the Premier marketing plan.

In March of 1998, we received our tax return which gave me the opportunity to join Premier.  While I wasn’t ready to let go of all I was involved with and focus on my Premier business much, I attended every local training.  Each time, I heard, “You will never know what you are a part of until you go to National Rally!”

Six months, only 10 shows and 1 sponsor later, Tracy lost his job. I can look back now and see it as a nudge from God to get our Premier business going. We knew this is what I needed to be doing; for time invested the money couldn’t be beat. So, I let go of everything else and actually focused on my jewelry business. I started filling my calendar and working to pay both our bills and our debt.

Rally was approaching. (Back then, National Rally was in January and in Nashville, Tennessee.) Even though we didn’t have the money, I knew we had to go!colburn fam pic

By the time January came around, I had put away a little money by not paying the electric or phone bills. We had only one credit card that wasn’t maxed out (and only because it wasn’t accepted in Florida).

We headed to Nashville.

It was cold! We went to the registration desk picked up our  packet and were so excited to be at our first National Rally! To save money, we decided to stay with my sister for the weekend.  We never really saw her though because we were home late and out the door early – we didn’t want to miss a second of Rally.

We had a BLAST at Rally. We were part of something very unique and special. We crossed the stage several times because of the fabulous fall the Lord had blessed us with. We met a lot of neat people and were in awe of the entire experience. We were amazed at the amount of effort put in to make Rally just perfect. We heard from Andy and Joan Horner and even got to meet them! Priceless!

As we headed home, I started weeping. Tracy asked me, “What could be wrong after what we had just experienced?” I told him that I was so overwhelmed with joy, thanksgiving, love, and assurance. For the first time in my life, I knew I was a Somebody and that God had a purpose for my life, He had great plans for me, for us as a couple and even for our family! One weekend that changed my life, my marriage and my family!

I can say to you, “I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that had we not gone to that first National Rally, we would not have stayed in Premier!” You see, as I look back, I see how God knew we both would need the very things we took away from that weekend to sustain us for what would lie ahead, not only personally, but also, in our business. Only God knows where He wants to take you, your family and your business, but I can assure you that if you trust Him, He will show YOU!!!

Our Premier journey has had its ups and downs, its highs and lows. God has used it all to shape and mold us into the people He desires us to be. Tracy and I went from falling apart to a unified couple pursuing God. Wow! Only God can do that with a “GIFT” in a form of a jewelry business!!!2013 national rally



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We Are Premier ~ Lynda & Glenn Jones

jones family This past April, my daughter, Meghan, married her sweetheart, Daniel.  Glenn and I are so blessed, not to have lost a daughter, but to have gained an incredible son-in-law!  We look back fondly and actually, just have to laugh as the month prior was … well, eventful, to say the least!  From too-short bridesmaid’s dresses to a forgotten marriage license to a lost wedding dress at the drycleaners to a son-in-law’s new job taking him 12 hours away during the wedding week to bad weather causing him to miss the rehearsal and dinner (thankfully arriving in time for the happy couple to make it to the probate’s office to get that marriage license), it was quite the extravaganza.  Oh and surprise, the florist was only a few hours late on wedding day!  No big deal.  It was absolutely the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen!!

Just to brag a little, not only was she a beautiful bride, but Meghan also promoted to 2-Diamond-Designer just two weeks before her special day!  It was a very Premier-filled wedding!  Everywhere I looked, I could see Premier jewelry.  Not only adorning more than half the guests, but on everyone in the wedding party! It is amazing how our jewelry can so easily transform between pieces we can wear with the most casual outfit every day to the glitz-and-glam pieces needed to add a little extra sparkle for a wedding.  Bridesmaids accessorized their navy dresses with Premier Designs’ Stormy earrings and Special Day bracelets while I jazzed up my purple mother-of-the-bride dresjones - weddings with the Liz earrings and the Special Day necklace (how appropriate for the special occasion).  As her “something old,” Meghan wore a few retired pieces and as a unique personal touch, she added the Elaine bracelet as a keepsake for the grandmothers’ corsages.  How sweet!!

I’m still amazed when I reflect back on that day and all that happened.  It was truly incredible to see God’s hand in not only the actual details but also the love between Meghan and Daniel.  Daniel’s face when he first saw Meghan, was absolutely priceless!  As he watched her walk towards him, he cried.  He laughed.   He couldn’t stop smiling.  At one point, I really thought that he was going to run down the aisle and sweep her off her feet!  As I watched them both, it reminded me of the unfailing love that God, our Father, has for us.  My good friend, Dana Stroud, put it best: “that look is the closest thing we will ever see on Earth to the look that Jesus has for us.  It’s a look of joy, love and intimacy that Jesus shows as He watches us step closer and closer to him, just as Meghan stepped closer and closer to her groom.”  It gives me chill bumps to know that each one of us is loved by God just like that- multiplied by 1,000!

What a special day!  To be so clearly reminded of how much God loves each and every one of his children and to have so many precious memories with my daughter.  We shared countless unforgettable moments as we planned her big day but ultimately, the best part for Glenn and me was that we watched our daughter marry the love of her life and know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the man who God made especially for her.  It was the beginning of a whole new chapter in our lives.

~ Lynda

P.S. Guess what!  One of the biggest blessings was that we were stress-free throughout the entire wedding process because our Premier opportunity permitted us to cover all wedding costs!  Isn’t that incredible!  (And believe me, Meghan has expensive taste!)

jones awardAs our 2012 Tom Hemingway Excellence in Leadership award recipients, 7 Diamond Designers Lynda and Glenn Jones from Savannah, Georgia, have truly exhibited the qualities the award represents: demonstrated excellence in leadership, character, honesty, truthfulness and a desire to help and serve others.  Jewelers since the fall of 1992, they have built their business faithfully and consistently by serving others and enriching lives.  Their commitment to Premier’s Purpose and Philosophy have also earned them the prestigious Servant Leader Award in 2000 and the Vision Award in 2001.  Glenn was chosen to be the 2003 Mr. Premier for his commitment to encouraging and serving his wife and to their Premier business.  Lynda and Glenn have truly blessed many in their Premier family and beyond, but they would quickly say they are the ones who have been greatly enriched by Premier Designs Family.