I never want to be without Premier!

by Rachel Grile

Winning a car on the last day of Rally was an answered prayer for Rachel Grile, and to this day she still gets goosebumps thinking about it!


My story with Premier started in 2010, I joined to make a little extra money and have some girl time! I didn’t wear jewelry much and wasn’t into fashion at all!

Shortly after joining, my “mom” got out of Premier so I was left on my own for a little while. I wasn’t really sure what Premier was actually about, or what their purpose was. I just did shows as they came and never really worked on my business.

Then in 2013, my Premier mom now, Kathy, called me. She saidsat-winner, “Hey I’m your new Premier mom. How can I help you?” Ever since then Premier has meant so much more to me than just a few shows and a little extra income. I have built relationships with girls in my “family” and even those that aren’t. I look at my “job” as a way to be a blessing to those I come in contact with—you never know what is going on in their life that day, week, or year!Read More »