Happy Mother’s Day from Joan

First shared in our 1999 Update, Joan shares about her treasured role as a wife and mother and gives some encouraging advice.


Erma Bombeck wrote a fun book to read – Actually all of hers are fun to read.

In her “Motherhood – the second oldest profession” she claims that Motherhood is the biggest on-the-job training program ever.  One of the biggest complaints about motherhood is the lack of training.  Erma claims that motherhood is an art – to be perfected.

Well, I don’t know about that!  I happen to believe that mothers have the greatest training manual in the world –available for both mom and child – God’s Word.

Oftentimes, when I am introduced to someone for the first time, they will ask me, “What do you do?”  Many years ago that tended to be irritating to me.  I guess the irritation worked in me as it did in the oyster shell—because now the “pearl” comes forward in me.  Instead of being irritated, I am proud to answer, “I am Andy’s wife” or “I am Andrea, Sarah, Tim, Mary, and Tommy’s mother.”

This is my title – wife and mother.

Mothers have always been a priority in Premier Designs—and I’d like to pay tribute to all our Jeweler Moms.  You are very special to us.

Your children are your investment!  A Mother’s most important job and the one with the greatest rewards is her work with her children.  Much will be said and written about Mothers these next few days, but no mere words could pay proper tribute to our Mothers.  They are truly investors.

Do you want to experience what the writer of Proverbs 31:28 said?  “Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also and he praiseth her.”  Be an investor in the lives of your children.  Invest in them first of all spiritually by teaching them God’s Word from early on.  Take care of their spiritual needs first.  Make sure they know that Jesus loves them.

Secondly, invest in them physically by taking care of their bodies—providing good nourishing meals for them—not McDonald’s every other night!  Encourage them if they are interested in sports activities by attending their games, and, of course, we could all benefit by exercising regularly with our children.

Thirdly, invest in them emotionally.  They need lots of love, hugs, and compliments.  Remember, these “little people” need an investor who sees the opportunity to train her children profitably—not for financial profit, but for the promise of a Godly life bringing glory and honor to our Heavenly Father.

Mary Crowley said it this way:  “A mother is TRUTH with a mop in her hand…BEAUTY with a cake in the oven…WISDOM with a confused bank account, and a MIRACLE OF LOVE with a sick child in her arms.”

How true!  How true!

May I salute all our Premier Moms who are able to reach out to serve others as well as take care of their appointed tasks at home.  I thank you for being there for your children—whether they are grown and establishing their own homes, or whether they are little ones running in the door hollering, “Momma!”  May God bless you with patience and wisdom.  You are precious to Him and to us at Premier.


Count it all joy!

Love ya,


Gems from Joan – The Lord Demands Fairness

Our precious Co-Founder and Queen Mother spoke on our Founding Verse, Proverbs 16:11, at our 2000 National Rally.

“The Lord requires fairness in every business deal. He established this principle.” – Proverbs 16:11

Each year – at the beginning – we share our year’s verse. Usually it is a promise for each of us to cling to. Sometimes it is an admonition for all of us to heed. Many times it is a statement of God’s faithfulness to us as His people and His company, Premier Designs. We have had 14 such verses. I am wondering just how many of you know the original verse upon which Premier was founded. It is found in Proverbs 16:11. “The Lord demands fairness in every business deal. He established this principle.” We believe, for a business to be successful and a blessing to others, that business must be established on the principles that God has laid down. I realize that there are many of you out there today who are involved in Premier and yet you may not even know you are following God’s principles. It is God who sets the Standards.Read More »