God has been faithful

8121632928_00fefa53aa_mGod has really given me a long life. Wow! As I look back, I cannot forget all that He has done for me. He has blessed me greatly. But I haven’t always followed His path or kept my eyes on His purposes. At 18 years old I joined the Canadian Navy during World War II and I forgot all about God. That is, I forgot all about Him until the bombs were going off and I’d make a deal—“save me and I’ll change; I’ll live for you.” But as soon as the fighting calmed, I forgot Him all over again. When I returned home, I was still far from Him. I courted and married Joan, and a few years later we were living in Dallas. That is when our lives changed, when she accepted Jesus as her Lord and I truly recommitted my life to setting my course for His heavenly port.Read More »